Riggs - Dressed To Hunt Deer

Friday, November 17th

Riggs has never shot a gun before...but today he's wearing clothes that only a hunter would wear.


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It makes an Alley re wines. What a three point seven kiss a fan its rigs and Allie is deer hunting weekend. Which I almost forgot about until I got to destroy that was and he asked me do you hunting site where my. The coroner had to raid on a blue lights or two but not currently is orange draft flannel I assume you know let's not flannel does that flannel yeah. Dylan and slam is a flannel yes yeah. I'm proud to USA. ID act camouflage Doug Hampton camels laugh camouflage Ducks Unlimited had a yeah. Ducks are limited you look like every guy Wal-Mart Yasser rubbing it in the can't section and I can't let you know that any data to see a quick trip to as you look exactly. I got lazy or your camouflage hat and Canadian best. We are preparing for what the world right I can't think that's I had to dig out an early and I don't snapshot and everybody's story is literally looking just like crazy I tell us it's easy golf like Alan I Wear this shirt specifically for the FaceBook likes that it is only reasoning warrant for FaceBook that's not the only reason you war. That now wanna be visible in his area. Hunting deer to compete every funny thing is I forget Riggs you worn that outfit. Yeah you pop up if you're wearing he put his head up above the monitor. I'm racking up good forgot he was wearing. I don't aren't sure I can't flyers teams look like a hotter tracks and really does usually you look at social studies teacher usually and then today you might not your justly got hunter usually and hands out and that's a much like which person take a lot of women would dig your handsome and out of it we're confident that normally don't play out party hot. Some women ranked wildly easily and I knee out who is or John. What do women still do like the widows weekend thing like I was gonna say yes of course they do that haven't talked to the women right now they have men and going out hunting Allen in the with the women are planning on doing what's unique and strong get out with a behind the ads really play. They have parties planet doing like a pure romance thing with a pretty boys or something. Internal fights all that stuff yeah. Yeah I mean yes mavericks beat ridiculous when asked real women's Sally you know lies and RE and did that a final act. Are they going to Jeff president husband yeah it's what do they do just get drunk that it. Madonna Santa. Yeah Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.