Riggs - Cops are coming for me part 1

Thursday, March 8th

According to a recent phone call, Riggs is apparently a wanted man...


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A lot of random phone calls from members Alan that all the time. Sierra annoying non stop with biology now what finally got 1 that I am really concerned about this is a voicemail which Obama fell because they're crafty now. They might pass calling you they just send it straight to your voicemail so this is the voice Celera Saint Louis and that's okay. Hours and want to get expired after you will be taken under custody by the local ops plus or serious allegations press on your name that is. What's request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking legal action against. You sell I have followers. Allegations against me is they break a battered played just a scam and some kind of recent scandal other people are getting those now so I hope they're not calling you back. I know writes somebody actually did something wrong is like oh god. I've heard this like broken English and Ellison of likely would. But. I can discuss about this K so basically somebody who doesn't speak English with an accent yes translated it it didn't come out right to vegan now exactly so they trying to scam people with this now I have gotten I had to wonder to what I had. Colonel order of police from Pennsylvania contact me why we're calling it a night they were doing it myself and I. Fraternal order of police in Pennsylvania I all about supporting police officers and if Milwaukee calls all donated no problem. When you call from a different states radically from pencil I don't know. And they kept calling and said you know I live in Wisconsin write all what would you still be the willing to make a donation I said no. I come back I'll. Later much. They get on the list for a defense and surely wanted a scam as well it was fairly good again money for a somewhere that didn't really possess totally could have been a scam completely because you could call other country other states in the country and like you support the police and and people don't even look at it like they can. Something a lot of support that you give your eyes somebody some guy yes wow right ER. TCU modular I mean it's here yeah. Idealism is our colleagues is that the message you got regs is even weirder rights. Did you or how serious are serious allegation sleeplessness but again I won't even gonna finally after that you will. And under custody by a local level local cops okay by the locals kickass rigs. Dared not tell anybody and for serious allegations print underdogs or is serious allegations of threats that they hang out you don't need a giant. A punishing them portends a somebody to people solid and nobody they had the same message shake your money just out now. Hey girl what's up girl hey are you getting these calls soup. Are. Dead. Weight didn't happen a call act. Went into called rap music Everett I said no I'll revenue Everett that's not ask anybody expect. Bring openly proper. Calling elect a little bit that they that haven't. That I bet you are out a knee pop you are still. Yes as a unit I like being a peep like 45 minute and I hung up a habit you like and the minute. I must tell us taxed that's for me cameo goes on the morning blamed anti NJ she said I've got the same message three banks got names like Chicago. Every time he did you start a support group yeah we really essentially that getting harassed passionately and Milwaukee are please Ashley are you getting these phone calls to. I have been Barbara are the computer generated yeah it's well you activated somebody eat an ugly in a number of local authority it up. I'll really well and they call you back senator there's an army now. Yes that's against our. It but at every time and I need some airport and number 88 up regulate. And she. Should heed your reporting this is someone I shall have the San deals like. There's the national and I called. I had a good lately who have barely get numbers. And it'll pop up I hear it you know what am I at their opponent. At Blair echoed. On a show bush yeah. I know he's each are on the do not call registry you can also report numbers on the web sites I do not called not gonna jump on this list and how the hell I'm still getting phone calls what was a number that came from that message it was a random like age. I remember there's like 877 or something gas and they're very bizarre it one more time they actually thanks for Colin. Good morning kiss FM here you were leery. Of this moment. Serious allegations my words as go ordered jail Susan in Dallas to get these calls do. All they are they called my mother a lot. And they had to bet my name had their way else. You call me late for what it saying I can't believe you would you drink like let's keep it looked like. Art are you hearing it now like I'm. Contrary your etiquette here and then. Here are a lit up like being such a lake. Horrible person are what are your league and I'm not about it. This I don't homer. And jammed college career and your family whose bat seriously he. Go to ever come to me like prince Abdullah retread. He met his call people when they hear and get harassed and Harris humps other people at Colorado and I'm sure gotten this.