Riggs - Conversations With His Half Brothers

Wednesday, May 23rd

What a whirlwind week of emotions for Riggs. First he spoke with his birth father on the air and kept it SUPER real with him and now he's discovered he has not one BUT TWO half-brothers in Milwaukee. Riggs & Alley reached out to both of them. Find out the full update here!

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Makes an Alley re wines. What a three point seven kiss FM haze right now I'd want to give you all of me to use my detective skills like. Yeah I think yeah. Let's get right to see. Hey source. One calling out his birth father on the air. Monday finding out he's got half Brothers did Wisconsin you don't worry finding out you got. So I call that birth father on Monday yes. Been talking and a half brother is now a son and have not one but two half Brothers that live in Milwaukee's no real crazy two of them frozen both of them. The bolts. Pretty cool kids I cannot believe what I'm discovering because here's what the backups and yesterday I said to rigs can I message your brother didn't happen. Rather I'd given Alley carte Blanche and it's only right. I are investigating this you love this yeah he's so much freedom guilt. Before I ever exhibit right now rally you're gonna mess and they got my ego level or if I have to end this fact checking the whole oil. I got fax or react and piecing. Has Hillary ever Riggs and that sperm donor it's all coming. There and I'm gonna blow you away yesterday I was talking to one of my half brother is what they are I was able to put together a timeline is. Because I didn't know I know my father left my mother for another woman from. There was another marriage. I don't know if there was another how many kids there were how many half Brothers I really had keys told me but it's very Fuzzy is pencil in and out inconsistent from what I don't know how many but it turns out there's nine total. Full body. It did America and trying to hold higher than I thought it yes but I. OK so rigs right message the brother get Biden and he would like to be back yes and I. A U now I don't I'm assuming you've heard some of those on the air because you live here and I'm assuming your piecing this altogether that your rigs Brad and I yeah. And I hit would you be interested in talking and he said yeah yeah so I said re. There's then how he heard you heard a guy that you just atlas sentenced. And now. I'll read it doesn't think that (%expletive) when I said we don't I said to the half brother of rigs is that we don't have much on the air because I don't wanna freak you out. You've done nothing wrong here hey you're wearing lipstick ad like gulag. And I said Alley out of distances and I think both of us my half brother and I we we know we exist. It's not a what do yesterday he just wasn't sure how to break the ice again how do you really broached this a decade if you're on the radio earlier my half brother into how it took out. Mario so that's kind of what I said Alley independent test the waters to see how they felt the talk court. I think it neither did you reach out to the other because you work Shearer yeah how how did exactly how little. So you start talking to the first brother the one that we found the real college graduate from med school. Other DM then. And did you start talking to the other wind up the other one Yahoo! and a wind that message me but here's what's crazy yeah out. T sit me a request like he's you don't face that you're gonna friends it's a message require yeah. I must've got didn't miss it notification so when I got up this morning you realize were tapped their message I'm going only. And I got hysterical. So I open it up. Don't know what he tells me why don't worry he was a crappy fathered then general. He walked I don't name to. What did you learn yesterday that's that I learned that he walked out of them is like living at four I have four Brothers with the same Wisconsin and that's at least it was just too in Wisconsin one out of Heatley each other and yes it woman yes and and they. And we don't know where they live to know I don't know somehow maybe I don't. Well this is why you know I. So where were they they worked. In Indiana until 2004. Rigs. Really they were okay they were and wow Indiana long holiday whatever deal where did you grow up and drove in Lowell Indiana don't Fallujah Muster no way. Sure you know what you re. Brothers were all in to see. How they until 2000. When did you leave Indiana what they we were on the same town at the same time and take that back. We left I left that town in Indiana and about 1988. When my mom worry every time I was six. So you in the same. Borg had actually they were not born now so that you tell us why are older and as you are the oldest one is born in 91. Where did you move after you guys left that city neighbor Villa Illinois. How low that's a right okay so they stayed in Indiana. You guys who have been Naperville when did you and the only move back to Indiana we moved back to Indianapolis Indianapolis which is south of this town where you're thinking of the lol town. We moved into. Always where you from them is what I want a girl who several hours we were that close but you're in the same state same stay yes well. On now matter how does free and how is it that they were born and raised in the same city you definitely get revenue in Orange is. Assumed witnessed her daughter walked out on rigs I assume that he moved a way to Wisconsin I don't know that I stayed in Indiana. Family that's crazy is all of this yeah. It's okay. What's your brother Raymond. It's funny because if it does tell you I don't wanna give I don't wanna get too much into it because you doubts about he basically sad that app. He appreciated me yeah ripping into that the data enabling now I don't feel bad at all because he's been inconsistent and now of their life as well. So even though rigs luckily had a step dad who raised him it was amazing in yeah fob terror is not to use it for awhile what are your it would sure we like jacket please she's about all they. Your body until I die because my dad now is raising two little when all this happened you'll really remember about your obviously your parents remember all the I call them my dad yesterday on hand of she'd heard everything has been going on Hewitt that was hilarious yeah. I go are you okay with everything was that gag as you can Seneca more nice things about me I'm in the I'm gonna tell us now I'd never really left. As things are all the time I finished things a John White and so glad for him. We just 71037. If you wanted to exercise have a couple questions or there was yeah I was glad that I had John like these these past president meant they didn't have slight I still to come in and I I can't get bitten yeah. Let me fill in the blanks now okay selling is did that loses her daughter leaves his mom. And that he leaves that one man yeah. And the middle of and I wish to ask her and for the let her four kids yeah in the middle of the night like with the gore according like when you hear that dad went to the store to get Milken never came back I don't know. Back about what yeah yeah but I wasn't there he's playing telephone right now that's very easy to tell that guy is every heatedly he's got a pattern essentially. Clearly he's got a few ice at Arkansas and kids without quiet now like I don't face but he got mad. Still many siblings showed up your kids are the ones you come in and out of their life and he's coming up here to Milwaukee for the graduation of another of this sudden end. Let's in the middle of the night or might I'm sorry I'm so that's. It's a crazy images Ben Holland album yeah I am a week and it's only Wednesday yeah. Well I get all the Rick I even played well that the half brother errors yes summit in the next week. Now let's let's take. Hey guess of course why now why would nine I know I've had to say no way but it does that shot on my god. I'd love to see him say hello Mike swaps so hastily summoned dominant innings isolate. I feel like I have to credit facility costs sent us that there's text coming in given away our freedom and I questions. OK so that's why did you in your half Brothers not connect until now is what I'm trying to you kind of knew about each other but. Is it leaked OK I'm not saying it's because it was awkward I'm saying is how weird is that. Police wearing you resentful towards them I was as did you did. That he was around for them not you better myself this question under present a series is a time when you find out that he wasn't really around for them does that. Give you some closure a little mania I mean it may not feel out of every one does. And I just accept that the guy had actually questions it is going process now knowing all that do you. More so wish to further relationship with the Brothers knowing that they kind of went through what you went through where before you were resentful towards and thinking that I don't know I mean they're just yeah I don't. Now it is the wind their two guys and I there are many guys they're guys that we share a birth father and asked all the we have in common right now he's. Clearly there's a lot of commonality is whether or pass as far as his behavior towards us so others like says. It's an inside on them senior carrier you're curious you have a we feel like a lifelong friendship I don't know maybe yeah. I don't know I don't know. Hope we on the attacks at 7137 they wanna know how did you decide to break the ice and also the half brother and I would like to meet now and how I should break the ice about what was going yeah I just sent a message it's not as awkward as you think it's going to be does this justice awkward for them as it is for use of the and a half sibling out there that you were thinking and are reaching out to. Totally do especially if they know you exist yes his odds are they wanna know just as much exact claims I'm asking this guy questions yesterday on face the messenger it's about my birth father and everything and I have been stopped and in what way do you have any questions for me is yeah do. And what they ask you it was like yours first born you were there first and it was against you had a he had a little sister passed a guy they know that they did know that you know while. OK so wait I there's so many questions I got. 10 I had how do your siblings that you grew up with your sisters how they feel about all because I. This is errors are they biological. Children of your mom and yer dad that rage that ended up to me and there there yeah all the so yes even hear half sisters you guys a lookalike in your basically fall out of our token or near falls in love with them. Like your sister Kerry so what are your sister site. I have now I need to reach out to them today about that oh well guys how many people have been talking to you back and forth I'm sure he'll be fine with I. Sisters his super supportive Estes is my life. My parents everything all at all clear yeah we have questions coming into seven and three we jail showed lots sure somebody's accident how are your drinking this summer. Right now I yeah hero first few losses on call. Suicide did his great guide yeah without doubt that he's got to have siblings in Milwaukee as he's. And well like nine totally found out he had a year and I it's totally H Lilly yes. Crazy right now those questions and now he's in town which is crazier and yeah probably listening and then trying to get all immediately in town right now a 100%. Yeah I think I'm looked to me like boy yes he today's meeting with one and a half Brothers yes well my job and our tongues are grown now right. Stricker. I don't look at the pressure like it's actually gets a big secret how you really feel I know. If yeah. So it's absolutely any request you consider your questions is 7137 yes people really are asking great questions give us what he got to raise. That race how would you feel if you found out you weren't the first born that he actually had a previous Stanley that he walked down off. Good question before me from Korea to support our fighting out I'm leagues I would go to him a mental institution. I don't have helped and I realized that there was a Stanley before me and my mother. That would mess really really deal yes you out that would mess me. Like how are you feeling are you think yeah. Closure knowing that he is yeah they're really there for the other kids these are you know getting a lot of questions answered like as far as the passage he continued after he left us my mom and nine. And kind of getting some closure on that figuring out what happened and how he seated at their children. Realizing that I don't have to hold any sort of resentment towards these half Brothers they're totally cool normal. No I whose. Now and they can't see this and Jack dismissed it is I am about the whole situation. They've gotten very similar treatment and I have the impression that the stated that they would ameliorate right single mom and you know what one of the Brothers told me on FaceBook he said that they had their lucky they had an amazing mom that raise them yeah and because you had you know European dad or ask dad had a locked in he's got to mean to government I may lose every socio or father is even on your birth certificate is not now. OK so these people are saying all kinds of things T rigs like. I am I'm so proud of you I enjoy hearing your story and thank you my eggs already go to Maury show. I told meg my half does that yes yes and if you look Eminem deficit of more pulled it out like they're revealing all this double by the Lee and his brother in Seattle and brother in there. We go to win so many questions at 7137. Unforgiven three the next question let me industry this year exile said you don't need expert moderation of the whole city of Milwaukee behind you as your family you got to ask us. Mom since a mine now to listeners. Some their writer I am on an idea Texas and one of 37 what a great story a positive outcome from a negative situation yeah I think our favorite sex that we received. Let me talk this guy I wanted to own heat blanket and bark at the moment. Tired hilarious. Hi. The so many contract aids do you have any girls other than reason sister and your system and carried out these yes I think there was one more than they have with the third. Believe this is unfair question does it might have missed at what gas into the little sister reeks sister passed away when she was AME when I was much younger I think I was maybe definitely you know more I was two years old navy and year end to what yeah. Us or she was six a so called zealot your syndrome which I think it's some sort of respiratory illness how old was she when she died she was born in November of 84 how. That in February of 85 so and now he's in our time in four months old and the hospital yeah it's great denounced him when. So the answer is what happened to your little sister because that question if you miss that part yeah. We're finding out that this story unfortunately is not as you need get a text saying I dated a guy just like this is for kids with two women when we met. Three of the four were not claim we broke up because he cheated and got a third woman pregnant with his fifth kid and now he's married for the third time to get a another woman my child will never understand infidelity seriously unhappy with somebody does leave on the cheap I'm just sitting said. First I think it's hilarious that his dad was bragging about how well as other kids are doing his fiftieth something to do with the gas alliger leniency with Oliver questions. Give a chance yeah so are. I can assure them is today palaces and questions you want some guys like John. Yeah. Book of Genesis so rare. I said earlier they shout. Should preside Ebert is like I said did you ask the best dressed in this and rigs being a guy I was like no one in my old woman I need details. I will enjoy list of questions asked these half Brothers. Is Allah does what does he deal what is it live literally how old is he where the belief is is the father and Elvis is he single does he go to college which is still stirred number easy straight day. Chairman of Holland do their mom why they break up to hit the brand I'm recognizes that the most important does he like brownie. A brownies most importantly he's got to do these guys like brownie you are. And I said PS tellem like tennis still open on people finder not count and not afraid to use. Coach that's just religion as you like music does the ever listen rush okay. Clean record requests a day after that left with no I well I think you can always Texas 7170. Did you help the Alley when you're done investigating the rigs I guess investigator rallies here I personally hey hey it's not just all of Milwaukee the measure aback I'm from Republican notion we've got your back do so everybody's got event itself is or isn't there. How does half brother. Feel that the sperm donor is coming into his graduation. I think he's wanting to kind of salvage and sort of relationship beat him with them because I think they think he was it a lot ACL. After an odd things AL and their own little way kind of like me will once some sort of closure with them yeah. We're not sure how to get a kiss he's not sure how to show so I think what are you bet that half Brothers and use the word inconsistent. He and I guess which is exactly what you've always said that yes. And out which is what you didn't wanna see him when he came yes it was sue walker who we do our. Yeah I think plus it was like I'm gonna see somebody else by the way while lament times. It's well I just ask first. I got a question. Yes let's say tonight viewing your wife a lot of decide to go to like Baylor cantina no creek for dinner between their woman and you sit down. And by chance your step dad walks in with her half brother who just have a meal would know well I'm just. Totally random chance or shall I approach and do they approach deal Yad for a I would talk to him. Mean I am a civil from a civil human you've heard me through this whole thing minute pretty calm and rational we have an accurate I don't even if they aren't coming up front I'm very much. There's only deal with this Texas senator one of 370 my god brownies rigs how. How do you not like brownies brownies or life. Letting me talk to hear your brother is on pace that they are you for the investing do I not had a needle on the anywhere really feel like I'm overstepping my boundaries are out an eleven play good and I'd rather not have given out. I'm absence after the hour. I know the town hall enforcing our. If I don't I don't tell me I will keep an eye on I guess I want you to do the stuff that's what you're doing this formatting you have more comfortable that ideology is real yes Hilliard and weigh more on how. Ask a 100% X I I just like I'm glad to do to celebrate Memorial Tournament says that alleys or seventeen members having anything now okay thank you could I was curious if I am you'll tell me I know you well on cities that are still struggling with why I wasn't important enough that my half sisters what's best for her to stick around him. Yes citizen is such common things and edgy oh really is why do you raising the other one and not me you know not alumni you're not alone I don't know if that was a guy or girl Texan Sheboygan is chimed in Sheboygan measured gets. Yeah. We don't you act and he's delivered to what it's like turned his hometown. I'm soccer I meant sudden. Kiss FM and Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.