Riggs - Christmas Lights Too Soon Or Na?!

Wednesday, November 8th

In an effort to avoid frigid temperatures later, Riggs is considering putting his Christmas lights up TODAY. Who does that?!? Seriously!!!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind right now and may Russell's intelligent guys and here on nineteen about this or not because a later today. And putting up my Christmas lights loud cheers. We'll let him. My kids came home on Sunday night we put the Christmas music now. Not the Christmas tree nun and a I'm taking a look at the lights just the external outside and my staff can see that's right here's my logic behind it I thought this through long and hard. It's gonna be somewhat nice today aren't somewhat it's sunny 46 right. Will be begging for this in March so 46 I can deal with that I can be outside for longer than an hour. And not deep balls cold you know got it to me on what I think. I put them up now not gonna turn them on yet they will be off. Until after Thanksgiving but they're going to be up so I think gets progressively colder. I really believe that snow happening I don't have to worry about going out in the snow Caribbean like fifteen degree weather. Greta brown 46 degrees and I'm David has yet so if you could put them up this early. I caught you gotta have a muffin on I think sort of monster under its after New Year's turn him off made it does leave them off the air provided that they wait till march is taken down at us now it's April whatever. There weren't unless you don't know my jet engines don't. Each month you until June what do. Do you think I should turn them on to know what I think is Newsweek's. Well I'm gonna win yeah. I'm not gonna be that you showed you just get a good night raiders and I think he's saying it's nice out yeah. Gas and a month it's gonna be twenty and I could do in twenty degree weather and would rather put up lights and 45112. When he read Tony cited means I have a family traditions and I'm I'm sitting there might and the tradition every year we would have Thanksgiving dinner yes we wake up. Bursting on Black Friday morning need to do a little shopping and then we put the Christmas decorations outside together and day after Thanksgiving the day after I can't do that it's going to be way too cold. See what you call. Really way to hold it didn't read it to Rick going to Antarctic right that you might not yeah yeah. Just for a decade or two but didn't go to a parent Archie brown. I thought Britain Floyd twenty degree and experience for. Anyways I'll hold those shows your bread and yeah. Item waiting now coming on the night I'll also. Hey I'm a high five yeah. Yeah yeah yeah this huge public aren't due out of the drew a crowd often don't know I don't does Tucker on about Tucker good morning to port talk. Under our agreement here what are we. Enter or it could hurt with Stewart has really. He's in our next November with seventy almost seventy degrees and sixty something gopac's image are now for a death or very proper role. What richter forward tees up the root for your golf and it's. Root for guys. Hundreds of cars glider and I they're going to be colder forgot what happened there it's a thanks for contact your name be called out for Google and you price and I didn't I ask you don't and I don't. It's just chemical weather gear into it and I shake. Yeah. I was out there now I had totally switch sides now this. All of these and can't go again article in three weeks and that's ultimately what I am IQ Clinton complete when I you are writes I am wrong thank you. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.