Riggs - Check Writing Sucks

Friday, November 3rd

Writing checks is the absolute WORST.  Get with the times, people!


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Allie do you ever write checks anymore you have a yeah. Check books. Yeah site to. Get my debate my nanny and an on cash laser at church. Right now there's the only your fourth straight check Stillwater department which I find it knowing that we your belly. Why do we not have the Waterville are minor title and own it would act to get into it and to take it in Atlanta either mail it in a Franklin or just taking it in an anti. Take it checking in I can't ease my card they say cash only and cash only it was that way when I was in the town of field at Disney off I thought. How not to keep my Waterville on line. How how is not I don't know every detail literally every every every other Billy can pay online there's got to be a reason to ever pair and what is it. And no idea what it is it was at that that city that's it word sanitation department stated that an Iditarod technology here yeah. Our accounting Dickens takes giant credit cards for other things there's other things you can buy and there are this and had a credit card machine with a civic couldn't take for that utility in particular rhetoric jacket you're irritated or Y two yeah. Yes laughter earlier today for us to go there and toilets or paying cash I think this is and knowing that I can go to Franklin city website for. He's the tea online like our normal. A century human be you know I agree. I was it'll make their lives easier might have New Zealand next yeah I got a call from collections about some like twenty dollar bill bio Veronica health care and I owed it right. There are like glue and I'm like you know it's sitting each one he may get. In the mail to immediately allied probably paid and actually I called back I said I just they're like oh sure what you were shocked when the pay angle. Maybe you yeah me what I guess so. I don't it's junk and throw away. Some money garbage is he. Paper rare and she's like semi it's actually feels apple Taylor tunnel person c'mon until we get people get with it. That's funny that I've ever thought about the facts and your talking about checks and stuff I just never thought about the fact that we always have to drive to the city to air water belt it's annoying yeah and tiger thank when your house that's what you have to do now unless there's some other -- it is and other cities into little futuristic listen you can mail her legs but he does that on time I don't know Hillary they're on the day it's do or the day after the gamut on this is due in three weeks out pay it later yeah America and Hal now oil budget money they're gonna show. I want to just terrible and Kevin auto 37 why don't let this slide back now to the.