Riggs - Breaking The Law

Thursday, September 13th

Riggs would NEVER break the law, right?! WRONG! Find out what he did and if he got caught.

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And now they re wines. Layla my dog's sense in the edit a nice. Jeff on an area to throw the ball with him out we don't have a lot of aryan fro from like really stretch his legs and arm backyard has not thrown in the car and taken somewhere will throw laws against an exercise. Los Jason's ball. And I found some soccer fields to some unused soccer fearsome and use them during the weekends and late afternoons and evenings ago during the day when nobody's there so I figured I can just go out there and throw the ball with my dog not a problem now than I've been doing it for about a week and a half herself until all the other day. Sampson and I are just there on the ball on the soccer field. When all of a sudden the gulf cardinals up with this Croatian and I Croatian marketing goes hey. Your kids playing soccer really see this is how they got sauce I'm not exaggerating his voice text that I elm. Excuse Eagles your kids playing soccer later on this field is an island. Yeah I'll make kids are playing well. Happy isn't healthy to. That is an online buddies sag mind tumor I know how long does well you can't have billion pox one time adult league Childs in the ruined that forever lunch I can't. He's signed and I said signing of this sign in front of Sparky says no dogs. C a sign did you really nasty and really didn't see this sign had some big sums it Croatian park can also talk. Our garden over there. Getting mad that they are like maintain the grounds that you're ruining a what do your dog like can I go out trade securities soccer the only and dining and running out. The big grass area there's nothing maintained about this may be different he was Terry out. Tea soccer field yeah sure I think Jeremy. He's not Terry opera digging up the ground or anything is is running around like any kid would be running on a soccer field is no no different than a child running out their cell. He's tilted that picked up this group. And did and did take it out because I'm not believe I heard the dog park what is go to the dog park because it's always a madhouse there there's always some weird random dollar no one wants to come up and bite it's sand sand that I get it should start small. Faulty gas comedies and it's sad. Brings you have broken the law what are your world. But I have also guilty as well I feel your pain and when that wind mutilate the dog park in the park is open you go there because it's opened. Yes. Hurting and I remember what would that dog are getting to be no kids plus I'm. Within his stroller we were out on the east side asked of our I taught. The dog park oh it was like one they didn't know kids the dog park it was OK fed and a dog. No kids at a dollar charge asks if if you're about using wouldn't change you know kids are academically I made it says clearly then there's no clear sign here. You don't that was the table and the guys did go dark tinted different opinions and then he might not assign you guys he lied about to sign. And I left designs and no pets allowed a sense not that he's my child how you might not really a Croatian man I sure should ovation others it was times I didn't do anything wrong. And it turned a blind eye and. Now this correlation guy would have. Really got angry wrap this thing called the police out and the police showed up to issue your ticket which they would've been legally within their rights to do actually been like. I'm a 100% ha ha. I guess that's how Riggs got tease yes I. It happened Sunday hello. You know we're a slight of my dog yeah. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.