Riggs - The Body Odor Bandit

Wednesday, February 21st

Riggs has had a lot of armpit issues recently. First, he was sweating....a lot. But NOW, things have become super real. Riggs might have the worst case of body odor in the history of scents.


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Rigs and Ellie rewind you know those days when your super super self conscious about something with yourself you have those days so yeah we it is you feel like there's something is off about Shia they'd today it's my DL this really bad day you guys. I have ever brought may be outside on the the radio Reza just and I'm like a snap Chad and simply thank him. You mentioned on the air your your saturation issue wouldn't they did she is with me where I thought it was because that was wearing under sure it's an elegant like under arms what he noble ring as you get under. You raise of your handing a little bit stay in Seattle does get them back. And and thank you work and never had before to the point where they were sweating through your shirts like what I usually sure it was saying. And I'm not like overly hot during thing like that it has become a problem of the last of course some web bending its. Aren't funny and it's horrible things I like I Hydro assist yeah hi everybody truth is you use that term quite a bit don't know what the hell it is but I think I haven't had enough so that I decided that I was gonna start using his gold bond powder. It was like let's just gonna get rid of the moisture right. West and other places and much that is you know as I've used up my arm under our typical bond powder and for a while it seemed to be working just fine the last. Week and a half maybe before the record regularly with germs upright now there are no stains out George backed out. Regarding active stains on me auto stains on May know statements idea smell like onions and taco they got no stains on the green seriously though I had given to renewal welfare check commander arms and he can't come by me anymore and terrible. Reese he Hewitt's know yourself and you're like a I think it kind of smell that we immediately the interns come and went on snap Jack and Milwaukee Atlanta Jacqui with a descent now. I could I just I charge it and you soon. But then they give you a second whips and now passed brown and asked if I'm being completely honest I wanna vomit I'm about five feet with your radar and 500. To beat he's top and it's a luxury more accomplished than I already have real deep on this show we keep it really each other I felt I was got to play rough and all and right now do it right. So it please this text 71037. It has some good suggestions Fred and good solid deodorant for new ideas I've enjoyed using my wife's deal weren't no avail doesn't work. And is sweating through an off what delta like you dissing you go to a doctor and get some kind of a prescription for what happens gold I don't wanna get up Chris grow. You wanted to get a prescription I am getting the I want to try OTC first thing it's something over the counter like did degree or something brings. I've seen those pit stains dude they're they're not gonna help. This is not the first time there's been an issue with sweat and stands on the show now Alley had an issue with their smelly stinky feet cause she still has a problem with their feet when you guess what she did. She wins number I know she went to a doctor he got in medicine. Didn't put it on the front of several like two days yeah I don't preach you know again two days is better than none and when you have a problem you're automatically a legitimate act works right now be glad in am on the radio seriously so glad that they're they are not in the studio and be able to sell him through the radio the dude Stanley's. Your limits to write in my hair and oh yeah and maybe. Riggs and Elliott it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.