Riggs - Blocking Family on Facebook

Wednesday, March 14th

Riggs is having major family drama, which just may lead to him having to block family members on Facebook. Ever been in this position?


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An Alley relax. In case you missed it the first time locking your family on FaceBook swelling point seven kiss FM about it and you know I'm my own it was asked me to. Block somebody and FaceBook. This drama and unfairly guys. Death we'll tear Stanley is down your uncle died now it's like half mast lost an uncle to a while since suicide. And Marcia didn't say it like Tyson of the story annually family doesn't have a guy had still this probably tell right up relevant while circled a suicide last year in July right. Sell a league a lot of names out of this will say might uncle left behind his widow and three kids right with your cousins uncles and so my cousins and his win Oklahoma the window right. So here's what's been. And it's just so much how people deal with salaries is there's artsy well happens destroy deeply asked what I like dance who was his sister obviously put something out that said. There was an article is talking about ten ways to help dealing with suicide right arm which is nice article to put. A lot of people have mental health issues child I'm good to talk about it's gonna bring an out and you know into the like to sign that meet and see that coming with your uncle now. Why don't towards the end I think they're kind of regular caddie issues you didn't think it is an added I am very close to him yes but to me was a total shock he agriculture cash. As it is a lot of people would do that soul. It's obvious he shook up the family yeah well yeah your uncle I mean you know so now there's lies that are being told a ballots my uncle. From my cousin's side the kids picking his kids choose his parents my grandparents now. So about his kids are and his parents lies about him and they are well and then have to pay the kids are also telling lies to their mom the widow as well so little in the grand. Parents lost their son is the grandparents that caused their son yeah they call the grandparents and talk to them obviously they migrant grant Jerry York had then writes yeah. What makes more sense I think gonna store right. And then afterwards. Because they we realize that the cousins are upset them and post to this article about the suicide had a chilling message you posted this before where your family members dramatic you posted anything high gas showing that your uncle had I said this and I sold them who would like you have to talk about can't get. There so people act like that it's like there's shame they don't anybody didn't want to come out they went back. Died a different way it's during this stigma behind and Alex Davis and not very big suicide is a different death and anything else like cancer early lead overnight truck her thank you when you can see something coming it's because rationalize this some gets in a car accident. It's hard to rationalize a suicide itself mean all these people they can cousins you're the winner or somebody of playing you're the problem as you should be blaming metal to get to cut. People are nasty at the cousins in the wood other all dealing through really heavy stuff trying to sell the cousins decided towel. The Whittle their mommy lost at CS net we talked a to grandma and she said that she wish that you never met dad. Eight total and complete fabrication always. And grandparents. I'm never bumps who writes who's why would you see that your mother is making. They just flustered had. From suicide error I need to act like that dramatic to say you get with a bunch of people that are right right now I have to it is going to be a long time to finally okay. Dealing with it especially if they're acting like it didn't happen and really pretty messed up for a long time where less that he hear from an happenings are still coming up pummel the first the first birthdays the first Father's Day. I'm not the first everything is coming hours and since it happened rajoub and involved in suicide awareness unilaterally sentiment has anyone else in your family namely the children done anything like that we don't howling and now he's back and I went to count slang going out yes I do know the likely to moderate on the my answer is gonna Mike my mother and where were all very open about it talking about a book anytime that we mention it. Our cousins to reach out to this their dad I think he should be talking about their ass I get hurt this right now they already hate me they hate me think they're not gonna talk to many more prejudicial Deanna live you're gonna save lives by talking about suicide and mental allergy how many people have reached out to me since I've been talking about it it's facing even talking about in May breaking the statement making it OK to talk about an island at the end of the day eve there right they went listening dramatic sell facility the -- and just a block that cousins and just get rid of them altogether blocked a monster did you block party. Now I'm on the fence about it because it feels weird blocks and because your app to unlock that one day which you're gonna happen according to harsh thing to deal I think in this day and age blocking somebody and face that means something it's like saying it's a big statement yeah. Way to say to social media so huge so I like to win a bowl. People think that the Malick there's an old girl had cheated on a friend of mine I blocked there because how yeah sentences you know I got. There are never gonna see again and it's not a family members son that's dead delayed Israeli drone with me you know what am I didn't he added do we think a block hammered on now. I say I do friend her herb but don't lock either friend or just stick air. Our high need. I think you should block them and then let time go by does that that was Emmett and had to block Stanley let time go by him. Whenever you leave the food CM believe this I don't quick look we can do better than. It's FaceBook it's not and if I do it's it's a real lift problem you block them if they have the issue they call you when you got. Let me pretend like it's not very you block around. You're telling me right now yeah COU block them and then you let that let time pass let the air clear and when everyone's back in a better place you get tactically you separate for a while. And Helena about alama the fence about it. I come here are my mountain air yeah they'll towards him mountainous. Yeah Bob Briggs and he's drama. And isn't cheap words. The less and less elastic and Iran knows all the stuff and are failing the people blocking each other is just it's not a country well actually it's a deal that's also in general that's kind of talk is about people who had seminars than las who suicides that dazzling here he's learned an idol apart and this is suicide generals and totally different animals so yeah talk about a break distinguished Atlantis don't act quick it's not how. Don't see gas please talk about it tomorrow on the open about it Tex lines blown up giving you credit for talking about the sub simply let the stigma off to a degree the rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.