Riggs - Bee Sting Therapy

Thursday, November 2nd

Well now we know why Riggs is so weird, he keeps the company of other weird people...


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Malady of any friends there in a weird health remedies are gone on since. We years yes I have what are my best friend or at least a Las Vegas is that what they're dead last night she was like I'm ready to go back on that crazy diet I do. Because it makes me feel better and I had is how my day justice system and it's like does does art I am like oh okay. This is I had a friend on FaceBook he he broke his ankle like a year and a half ago yeah he's been trying to rehabilitated for awhile it's getting a little bit better that. He put a video of him using bees Steen therapy yesterday what's the east and terror TDs gene therapy he says that he read on the Internet which is where everybody out there I should now. We are everything from the what's going moderate out not to boomer crap talking about that you're not paying attention to the new us he's Smart guy so I mean I trust them to do some researching how do you something all Willy Nilly and I. He said that if you take it easy capture of the and put it in a jar. And put their refrigerator donated stuns the dean and makes it so it's not a flannel over the place. And then you ice where every year part of your body is apparently the bees sting venom stimulates whatever is in your body and helps it heal. A little better with your systems. Mean I nobody did this whole thing on a video where has the jar is that these big tweezers and I guess his ankle he puts the B on his ankle and it stings them. I was like this is a real thing with its people are really dealing it just blew my thought. Are really doing it. You get what is your brother and I really like homeopathic people on my wife's mother would rather it is stellar adding that anything's yes why am I am not having to these stick me I just go to the doctor. Doctor my mother in the whether rather than going to a dentist in the United States. Went to a dentist in New Zealand and paid 30000. Dollars Y 30000 dollar AT&T for a new little contraption or T allies. Which to help her breathe the night but why Australia don't get it does that's the one that she knew with this with a very homeopathic thing and he used all. Natural ingredients are things in the hole I was like there's a learning what I. Person in the world and 30000 valued at Alex. Honestly I fight hard to believe is an important America what is. That's that's crazy and guys that I don't you couldn't find anybody in the entire United States or Mexico or Canada oh yeah. It's easy price that Norman gig going man. It was ridiculous that the bees stings everything kind of threw me that's a year or does that put him beyond his body in an ounce up like I had to strangulation I ate out when you should people here at home remedies caller on the air this he put it didn't start putting your fridge I just your lack let's at least nearly. He was doing things like caring for the BZ was like Ellen to make sure didn't get one with too much pollen on it that it wanna ruin his day and I'm like you're like kid he's been watching a bugs life for I think a man and their people out there I. People there are there bugs the car all of a there is in my word friends are. Very hole it was like your eggs I know this is why how weird I. Keep the company alive humans that's why.