Riggs - Became That Guy At The Store

Friday, November 10th

We live in the age of online shopping....but how are you supposed to buy something that you haven't physically held? You do what Riggs did and check out the merch at a store. Don't be THAT GUY!!!


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This is rigs and Ellie rewind I did cause drama at the store the in the name of god. You're the kind of person that when you find something a story you'll still look online for a better deal. Nell Nell purity of Vista are new and they'll ride really anyways. And to this camera store last week. How are the man why pulled on you weren't that guy was that guy. Eagle on the cameras to look at cameras mangled by one online to do it every ethnic and I just felt odd in the guy knew that I was doing. Holy communion I was like oh god there's the Yemen Saudi when asked what I was doing. I'll tell he was looking and see what I was doing because they told the Santa branded a better deal on the math on this and at anyone who ended it and I felt kind of bad. While I was doing you tell that he got a better deal on his try to myself whether a lot of it in the stores. What it looked right there and then maybe she's got. This. That's why did you see the price change go to the guy know hey this is online for a lot cheaper can you matches I said I said for I think they can find it cheaper elsewhere he does not all this is used to and is. Is not gonna find a better deal here and it was like. Our rights thanks I'm going to Amazon now I. That analogous to camera gonna get a case for no memory card for an Photoshop editing program and a hadn't a lens for and everything was the boy that a deal and getting in at a store is exponentially better suggests accidentally touch this the same thing asked but I didn't feel we're doing in front of the guy in the store. Yeah I'd be coming when it usually is when you're getting somebody give buster looking and tender and it would just it would feel like you're cheating exactly and cheating and that's stored there or did you ever wanted your take her you are cheese yeah. I'll let you know that store I guess you like you are sour so we're on the same page there god terrible good. Cheating on commerce thought that the reason Alley it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.