Riggs and Alley's Wild Night Out

Friday, February 23rd

Riggs and Alley got dressed to the 9's and hit the town last night to raise money for a good cause. WOOOOO!


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An Alley where I. Casey mr. the first science religion has no. It's one of three point seven kiss FM if you ever need an event hosted an MCD you have given this is sober in Dallas I opened my. And without taking your kids Val yes and has Alley and you have myself awfully. Very able bodied it is hosting events which we've proved last night for fraud and teachers were machine last night meal ransom bunch of teachers and administrators and the superintendent even in Dana I don't. That we were machine that I was fashion show was it does that shatter these are a solar rays behind the bar slang and drinks and I was like. After party and we. Had a piece of one of the women it'll blow a lot of people in our office live in Franklin Maya and sell myself included one of the women the office it's sad Hague can. You guys hosts this fashion show for it to Franklin educational foundation and you know what what gives money alike all the schools and frankly I whenever Galveston so they can news or Madonna and Sarah the microphone Gibbons and I. I say I don't know I'm afraid that I don't have kids that I pay taxes so you're welcome welcome. And they cheered at that they didn't say OK I healthcare. Welcome to see it I don't have kids inaugural luncheon damage Franklin's ex cop ad but it was it was funny in the wintertime I GA and the music and had a whole bunch different designers and them buckle dress me from the mall had to do little. Addressed to me absolutely and Andre thanks to rules did. Fashion show with likes. Do you know who NN now made this tell Latin job. Well I'll Matilda. There's a whole bunch of bunch you know the buckle is one for the news there as to whether needs in the fashion show address to a women's whether it is yeah Ali I saw Alley and Ellen that's our backs are usually three people were canard shorter hair what I guess how. All right Carl loved doing fashion shows invite me to do your fashion. Yeah. Yeah 'cause I have discovered now they're doing a fashion show is like going to this off for the day for me to. Even when you're hosting they say you don't you your hair your guess I have. Might let your guard dash here and take a brand. At Chatham light. Alan yeah and I feel so special this is the second fashion show was done again I don't know we have another one coming up in a couple weeks that we do march 3 that's right so we've seen me Amanda where one. There was no my regular hours in this Flint and national financial well knows a little every time your kids go to school afraid I just remember. That out. That's a lot of them are all the drunks and they raise as much running as we can you're welcome Charlie extra curricular. I have a Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.