Riggs & Alley Talk To WWE and Total Divas Star Lana

Tuesday, January 16th

You might know her as The Ravishing Russian or your favorite cast member from the E! show Total Divas, but Gibbons knows Lana as BAE.


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This is a three. Smelly rewind a lot yeah. Oh it would. That's. All of a lot of fremd at an early lead it yeah. A Wednesday night Sonny he look under the program thank you for coming on this morning and then having of course I'll hold the phone called the phone hair cut and the laden I know and love from Rollins smacked down every week. 'cause of Russian accent. Maligned does not have the Russian accents are not sure this is the actual plot come this guy. I don't know what your partner. And she is says she asked me. Yeah yeah. Like freaking out he gets he has got Zack. Pastor of the WWE and he told me every detail of your lives it's true and we decided to have you on the Charlotte and I know everything about your now including your fight whipped now. All I go to the. I don't know how to create he got beat idiot president graphics you pressure. Our own Lola but look yeah. What do you what are. Eric can you DND. A loan from smackdown live and answer questions in the accent sounds totaled even if it a lot effort divas Ansar Al. I hop. You are in America debris yeah but I Gibbons is leading this train. I did so back in the day when you're a Florida State University your of the cowgirls. In the cheering section and you guys are looking great. Instructors have been a controversy much of the commentators said that not 15100 red blooded Americans were now going to sign up after issue because there were so hot how did you parlay that in all modeling career like do people come to you or did you get the exposure and go let me see what happens. Well I feel like dozens everywhere I maniac right at all but other than total the united. Because you're building and cook you know I collect them I like that they pro active on my career. If that would be a primary example of how I'm pro active in my career we've got a huge net. Aren't from the one game we like social media blew up literally overnight and not quite. Prominent among our people like having your fifteen seconds but came right forward. Can then make the most out of the latest satellite is in front and I thought sorry. Exactly I came god. Kind of modeling agencies hoping agent pool. The popping up because you know let me it is something different fatal let me repeat picture perfect let me show you actually get trapped for them in each event. And oh that we need to be very proactive in your career you pick that driver's seat inside that car Atlantic. You can achieve your dreams. I guess now you say you were in its perfect I don't know how he knew that Alley is the biggest pitch perfect stand on girls yet yeah yeah. Yeah I. All world looked. Yeah it's not in the line effort deal yeah. Wednesday's uneasiness at 9 o'clock on you where in which is perfectly UN. All three months. And I made that I. Fortunately that I should be I went at it Marcella and I would never dream bell an accident but that as well the urge clients. I would operate in the Hendrick body doubles all the rehearsals fishing shooting could be at the end of IP. Currently there are not watered week out of my our seven weeks ago hurtful so yeah I knew every part of nearly every girl Florida and at Harding and every guy out. Oh god and they told me they were hurtful cap and now. You stick up her claim that he sat. Share. But you are part of a girl Marissa singing is and it's it's not a new thing we were part of a group orange and Akamai to woman's I don't niners into. No means yes triple threat Denton. Yeah I knew it all outlets to little dirt at a time you were done in the background dancer for pink Nelly usher and Akon just name a few. Is your favorite and least favorite personal work with in that regard. We'll wanna know what you're my favorite friend Pete wind up going to show. She's. Finger terms to sound here I'll throw I was but during. All how it's amazing how these are legitimate disagreement with our ups at a system program director here who thinks pink might be too old for our Joey on the track. I don't. Well at. I'd say you girlfriend I don't. He. Better and better. Soon. Although we're gonna quit you know you're rare Britney spear like she learned how quick then we're probably repeated everything. Outlook. Eric. All open up these being achieved. Her as a her keeping her alive but she just like unbelievable. Lie and I totally I can't going to start crying. The author in my locker. We're talking a lot of from total divas it's now Wednesday nights at 9 o'clock on he what we did all. Anime and industry I love that they now have a show we just let girls I think that it's fantastic to highlight you asked. Isn't tough honestly you know being in in the industry is women. I mean I think. Of the women and all industries right now we have to break down barriers don't really believe our selves and you know and if she got an EC Hollywood BP that and we that we haven't had a woman president yet and I think that's just you know luckily we're in agree gate agent so grateful. That there are actually being happily enough because we would have been able to bait fish changed she in love Alina that either of the year. And Hollywood and other area. They're aware that other mid IE our battles Jillian and something totally excellent travel agent of staff that ramping up with such beat the leaders that are. And that they are. These opportunities and. We are when we are because elk out there obviously but given that the Pittsburgh wasn't luckily for. Opportunity for us but that's it without these people believing in us we would it be where we are today at shall. And certainly are grateful for. That sounds like tonight are always up. I find our appreciate our gal a cannot speak to women's market well. Being a woman in a man's brother you manage your husband Russo for the first like four years of your career. And for a lot of that time she was a bad guy but the crowd was really into you'd like him be his mattress the bad guy trying to yell at people and the whole crowd chanting we want alana. Weird for you when your husband is supposed to support the bad guy in the crowd loves you inside after X yeah. Well yeah what little we hear that Iraq is that you know aren't I don't know probably job a great back guys. And I can go. I'm a little bit loves each but I did not I I don't get a pathetic area just along those whose status. It's good we really need to worry let it go can you please give us the rules if I'm sure. Our current assets. And. And now seriously it's like Christmas morning for him yes I. The non thanks for coming on the Yankees and totaled even. Hey you know hey don't even partially because I don't think there's a big part of going to feel Bulgarian guys that. Nice week article area at Warren apple carrier they'll Asia are pretty true yeah. And knows how it is an airport on May specifically hit every once celebrated happier and that they. So jazz is. Hey a lot of thanks again for coming on the show this morning we appreciate you spend time with us thank you for making givens tapping on the gravel yeah. This is that with the other parent. As. How to get one thank you don't. Now he. Yeah I don't think he asks. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.