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Thursday, September 13th

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Re wines. This it's. A movie screens. Everywhere you try and this is. Is really sad that Matt Miller or Friday after the details that is Jackson it's really messed up yeah I'm having some masters friends around you. After many hours before his body was even discovered he. News need to add friends over the night before where they were watching for Dodd hanging out. Well they say when the cops and paramedics arrived he had died long before they got hair boom and so eerie diet pill overdose but it was a notice Fisher yet out after a share but no wind had. Had has come forward claiming even Som ally and like. You know after Thursday night. So whoever called my mom whines that he wasn't breathing and a response them and they came as a cardiac arrest but he was they said he was long dead when the paramedics got there around. Today. So there I. And as saying how bad is it terrible frenzy has yeah or I mean. You have to deliver still strung out on drugs they were even thinking about it soon no doubt it has been knows there and I yeah. Waiting for toxicology report are in Florida six weeks so I did they notice he was in trouble and clean up and Lee did they just clean everything happened. I don't know did you say they were at his house yeah so this guy yeah. Bullets leaves you generally I don't hate you I really hate to relieve in. Sang anything at all you know use these people are being used yeah easy then did they buy drugs are man we are party house for the night we had and how. Hiding a third of April the dryer are. That followed there is is try to sleep with a double jinx no no. Aren't you let's leave is the problems celebrities being surrounded by people who don't care about them sag just amounts to just name your frame. I am woman hear Indiana right after those tales those guys stand for hours of worries sound Mac balances out very essence fest on yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com. She missed it the first time. And Ellie relying on good morning good morning good morning. A nice day almost eighty for a high it was cooler by the late. Two guys have good news to start off that day night great news. Can't wait for eternity here blind and she knows why last night should be a message. It can't limit tonight market and I see these quad strokes I don't know what show shirts you know all our. Guys and I wanted to wind. It is ordered they not Ansel Adams she's like they're selling them do. You're like yeah. She got me why secular verdict gave your taste like your minutia. When you're you don't watch you're gonna love 30 yeah representatives standing here and it. My dad got me like what I might mean Bono as I love you I don't discriminate no idea Asia. Only sure. Good very Milwaukee after they had you know they do good things and we raise money it's. I'm I'm all about details in the captains yeah my good news and visit the brewers beat the cubs last night GAAP and are now one game behind him in the division. Brewers company's strong maybe usually in September the ball off the ball off the wagon soccer club coming in I think there's still September left given site. Packers are playing the port brewers I don't know why nobody care right now literally can't compete now. Packers now but finally into the final in there you know playoffs this year may be when it on the elbow and nice nice might it is is do you guys like carrot cakes is just bad luck. Care paved the way if I told you value that any Tito friendly carrot cake recipe that I found that I want to make sure. I actually appeared kick muffins and Matt whenever you're ready Eric Martin royal object okay. Murray nomination and I are married and Reagan do you recognize Jeff Bagwell and you know. Visible and nobody know how delicious they are we care how many only going to be it's going to be amazing. Place I have all the ingredients ready to go get shredded carrots and everything which is the big in the and I. How she acknowledged she doesn't remember it IE just almost guarantee is all shredded carrot and there's like no. I think in these tell my guys now she writes down like what they count as for Mikey did I and it still didn't take care gig muffins and I. Icing on the town is like nothing you saw I. That's all vegetables to throw the so yeah she does. You get him back gives Intel repeated as the heart. It's all in the trillions we hairs he's got to show them very finally with the cells so didn't Somalia these young men love that word that's all it is. It's the reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com. It's an Alley every wine plus three point seven kiss FM is Riggs and Elliott five is the case. Ascendancy to house of the clock it's lost it's a system premiere party years and town and Verizon sprint was running them. Free the ads that would Jack black and I had hit aren't sure how the soccer little. And I value is okay my scary Jack Black. And a number of movie about magic yeah yeah but it looks kinda scary but it's more magic extra house with a clock and as Warner announced just after the end. Essex class carrier out of hackers this weekend plane in Minnesota Vikings. All right so is there rob is going to be able to explain. It's been a nurse and a little knee injury the essay answers saying he's dated day he is practicing so it's kind of nursing and right now don't know for sure. He's practicing hello guys the little messed up there and there's a tendency yeah. That practice yeah look get a uniform. Well suppose it probably minimal at this fifth but then the vikings coach says this and I'm sure he said it sarcastically in mind you words rhetoric different Edwards said that he said quote. Yeah well you know he walks on water so I'm sure he's going to play when he of course he walks on water and their mind you said that sarcastically. Is that we're not going to walk into Minnesota happy ever living crap out of course they are should. Present a take visited dig it a day at a time. So we'll see if he plays this week and I hope they got that idea of guys they can't beat the vikings are actually in other. President who's the star of their team in the offseason they signed quarterback Kirk cousins to a three year 84 million dollar air. No but I hope he does know he does not mistaken it. He's gas and pretty good but I'm liking you stock that's rightly religious to play for the Washington indigenous people the top. I guess she didn't you all of America's not that exciting anymore I can't. Overran the mother America and shot us out what this does Saturday the day we never cools is another wrinkle when mama herself Dell who wore it. Harry Truman Riggs an Alley it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com. Eggs and Eliot re wines. Yeah let's see if the movie screen. Everywhere you train. Okay would you leisure rigidity on TV because that's scholes afterwards saying he would Daly City to begin in the fantasy easily with the women on the backs are he's the virgin cola. It's going to be Daschle are there were at a bachelor versions before. Who is against Matt Cullen underway I'll definitely play NFL time after he was an NFL player ready to big V. Kelly goes on. Bachelor Brad now that he had so when a lot somebody's been convergence I'm sure whether or trying to get bevy carts and I don't know why don't emerge in this way eighteen year in your twenties dear ladies tell no tales out. Video morals everyday and they did in these children idiots I don't personally how police and is voted village. Well why why. Is making you a more moral giving person might not having sex you're twice we really got this video like this anymore and maybe come on maybe he's good. That makes you back I may be easier. Barbara journey I. Would say gay before it was Ager my vote when he got a when a guy divergent interests want these ballot makes me think he has a wanna have sex on the woman may be reading through waiting for the right persons. Jim Simon and I just heard within what constitutes after he got me how it works well for him and how ever how Big Brother dear yeah. He's got to have his salute days. You hear me once I started college plays or he's poised if you're gonna do it at some point what are we wish I don't get or reinforce what I'm now and executed sense. Now you put that on my paper view and make more money now and now he's gonna find out what he's getting married like three different times and then they'll find out why are there. Very shrewd guy that is actually gonna stop violent Helen darling and now at your unease here is a little bit you know continue. On FaceBook what do you guys watch some Monday night at like 60% of more than bachelors like hi my father will carve out time forced. DVR it out of fear of going online and getting boilers that's how hardcore my dad is about the bachelor guy and I'm not lying about that. Okay what do we think Colin Graham versions as well on the other women be merge has some of the women who is member. Was he to judge them if they're not versions are intentionally did to her now I know we area version. Don't you think and that they're real boring Shalit they calculation of learning and how LA Florida. Tell me the craziest. Thing communicate and feel while that's just they don't have sex they're just glad Giordano left they left they get are. Oh my god that's actually. That you're taking people from bubbles yeah. The bachelor house of Al. Golf. Oh yeah you're actually pushing to beat the real world and yeah this one is really like from a small town and in the belly big remembered as an experimental wild person remembered. Temptation island following like I. Period they literally had a similar concept of commitment to attractive get a little cold and it's hot seat at night it's gonna convince those divergent than it into. Dominic called the urgent matters for America holds an aversion that he's down he's at he's after losing that I might fit what was that you wanted to. Then it has to be made enough of these late in the cold so deep and many clubs lose no I don't know how he said it was split. Before that was his excuse he also said it. It's not a religious thing he sat there. Person I know whoever played football got an a full voting get chicks and getting Larry he's scared he's also reliant on that is how I. Lara why. Comes out he's suddenly got 101 right answer umpire. What happened on the. Riggs and Elliott brings it LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com. This is a week's finale rewind. So my life as you guys all know is undergoing drastic changes young I am moving in in the middle of moving in with my girlfriend and her two young daughters lived with a girl for did you like it never live pretty big thing I know that anyone aside for my family and moved out of mom's house about six years ago I've never lived and we. That may never did insanity as doing it did is also did you get it gives us a good living on three new people yes speaking of three roommates. Headed dog yeah or next. The article are a little don't and I'll call. We're gonna enjoy getting operated another dog to a chair and god he's not I'm still going to for sure haven't so we still miss you more. And daddy I didn't hear you resolve. Did you not learn anything any easterly. Your life to get you right now and not think that I'm trying to get my life together OK okay. Does that mean you're getting your life together I just eat out I don't understand that OK I am just being clear object okay so tell me in my corporate or going over paperwork under her first graders so schools suffered a man and first grade. Just don't have the stuff in the field trip coming up shears gotta be cool to get this coming up there's a dance didn't you just hate you join the PTA eight. And I. And I says semis cell serious you do. I don't wanna join the PT AR Gary good blocks so. Like Ambrose seemed that moms aren't seeing bad mom. There they dedicated her whole life to now pull their streaks like no I don't have that time how do you have that time I don't have the I'm literally joined the PGA so I can go and have a voice in the community but really I just from the people lots because I remember the PGA club. Meetings and I was a kid at school there were pretty easy you can. Call it that anymore they called EC accept my kids Erekat. Ad council's tackle the parent councils some that I have now really need proposed ridiculous things at these meetings I carry out an exciting acting Vienna to lunch menu I'm. Under the at a certain I think can we remove Christopher Columbus from the curriculum doesn't match up pretty got that would hear the curriculum we do enjoy it's still a yes we do you. Tens race. Yeah but I wanted to I would say and it's a I'd pay taxes. Or is she here that you're preaching obviously you know what you're both gonna join the car up there or not it didn't. And my kids know your biological children even gave her nightmare during the PGA get a great game and it. I wanna make a difference in the game. I don't know what how how do you think you're gonna make a difference it made my job. The latest in a way because the children are the future in the PTA have a lot to say if you do fundraisers that day yeah yeah you can't hear you did you retail sales. That's nasal oral now. She's the world. Sales are gonna lead the school is there gonna lead to new media. I don't know some. Our programs are going to lead to and Richmond and betterment of the students the children are our future. I am doing my best to save the future and making the world a dead play. The crap that's coming out of his mouth right now now in that Ollie give in Sonoma you know right did he say something loud enough that makes a Judas and. Yeah. Let's back and I and I give him an independent. Here the children are our future and I am just doing my best and try to make a difference and make lives better Glenn Douglas and what is evidence. You are just jump in. Hatteberg NFL debut a hole you are in for everybody. Jumping in the deep and you putt like sandy your pocket. I. Only I don't gushed volatility where they may use that. Great. The reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com she. Rigs and Alley rewind caliber interns at their cars either stolen or gets into we just discovered that I said wait a second intern Jose Guillen injured Jose where bell had his car solid. In our area have heard her broken into like sports tie yes and now insurance organs like I don't how to pick I saw my car my. Ten. Until the minutes of the whole thing yeah they took hold and I don't my driveway when I was just. This isn't like march heavily Yahoo! and my step dad had just a new brakes and I. Horn and I and I vessel was stolen and you never sound echoes of those you know about it tonight I've questioned. Word that he could still with the keys in the ignition or daily breeze in and hot wire it that he is where the aren't as he had just was like. So it's kind of kind she yeah and also don't know why it is what that was hardest. Rise and yeah yeah. I wanted the bank has been to say it was online and. It was not just trying to take it. This teenager was arrested nineteen year old Kim was arrested with four cars in front of his house. Is it it was part of a a group called Hampton boys who compete with another group what kid wouldn't wanna drive and a newer car and be seen by girls is what this kid told a detective. So these can it is taking cars and right and around realized what they're doing that really no effect it has on people unknowingly kid he's nineteen years old Danica and you don't want. All right he's an ass that is what I. How will ask clearly very troubled she sees somebody has already had our right real thrill rides for the kids aren't had a convincing convicted felon and had to atomic police car manuals and Michael woman's work ID badges Alison yeah. Yeah so pretty scary for different cars. In his house and it was tag in pictures on FaceBook post card when he denied it was I don't think they were posting on FaceBook about these car he asks that you are not only committing crime your domino declared a basic right about of those media are DJ your own fault or not. I half nice guys get it I don't get it is unfortunately Jordan did not find your kind of thing so we email and ecology. In case you don't want you see that on the first 48 RD at any other time these yeah. We'll kill someone in the post the tablet guy and in the picture and that kind of pulled out the literal got ready. The personally I'm. Did this stupid. These guys stolen BMW they lifted his fingerprints off the BMW that's how they found him there. Were on this card in that's how they will relent to him and everything's. She's very Smart criminal criminals are not Smart now know you enemy is on sorry about your card in Jordan and. And it's been affected by it. I'm from Riggs and Elliott rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com. An Alley realize. In case you missed it the first time. Figure. If you just. Stroke Clinton Obama buzz Killington. This one says cell tower guys is the title of this miss connections so apparently this happened around insults counseled tower area and then. No numbers were exchanged so latest went directly Craig's list. And a woman for a man or men so off. She says. Stuff can turn you on just how hot hot hot hot sauce she said stuff. Jack stop. This is for the selves our guys I was chilled with last night in Keno civic notions. Your friend was climbing the tower which was dancing crazy I remember we were joking about how high he was and it tells you about my love for we'd. When your friend got down we all hung out for a good half hour then we went in the back of his truck and made out. Tilts wanna hang out again but it didn't catch your number I don't really want a relationship I was just wondering if we're serious about it discount on my cell phone bills. Seriously if you follow through on that media outlets and it may be LN GC united news again. Today to view but I don't warrior just went out of my hotel on. Not male and a half an hour show him. And you're drafted the kids in some respects that's awesome so this is there and say you disregard the cell phone bill I don't know I didn't pay them bills and I guess efforts. Is that another creep in this connection happen at a cellphone tower. Riggs an Alley it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com. And Alley reply. In case you missed it the first time out is nine year old faces plus that was resurrect his and what happened to explain coming to your fans if you go on FaceBook what anyone could want FaceBook and you type in your name are they Kenseth and she'd postal come up people and yes that you had maybe they've tag you and maybe they haven't. Every dumb luck and I'll look for post to see if there's anything in this store somebody wrote something it didn't happen and I singled liken me like hey thanks for listening that's so cool yeah so. Am the other day and check this book and I like it now leads eight I find out post. All I get anything I haven't seen that got past streaks where somebody tell me accidentally. I signed a post from the lean years ago I went to third post. I've never seen this before is beyond me what does this say it pops up from Victoria who is nice west mine GA kind drill. She didn't have to be in this but she wrote about me all okay nine years ago the premiere September 11 2000 and I hope he gets ready for the it's terrible errors she writes I quote. Pretty sure Alley street charges FM is the lowest common denominator and. All the talk is like bails on H shock. Or tool comes Derek idiot and I don't collier is the smile like you agree rags to tags anyway. I'm quotes. Are too close to. It was so funny you don't like I America. Huge. I view of the 68 other writers and you're a busy on the radio he can handle people talking about a great entertainers acts so why we need our help we he would be able to hate tech does we call them. How's your problem of her and it's like find your street your troll and just go away but anyway so I could not leave I had never this is that like a nine year old post solid all O'Neal right underneath what she sang again not ears or not. To write back every morning it's something game. Politics news entertainment. She is basically become the complete opposite of a newspaper but you'd how profound thought is when she starts saying dude like I totally lie can sell it and then pulled my drive right to act nice though people are my favorite. But the whole I was like three comments on in the night and she will now. You're like sonic I'll be delivered better now yeah I'm on at that moment what you propose some hundred that you nine years ago when faced. It's the first time expert Torrey. Sorry what did happen that opens and she chooses me. She teaches me immediately after it wrote that she can pops up and notification adds this is what she writes. Oh my god I just saw what I posted 9 years ago I am so sorry. I was so we eat and I don't think that I love you don't like 22 year old may I I tell you owe them. I'm sorry an average of three fer because. 22 year old we are not always pretty good people that's nice to read about somebody ten years that I'd be mortified to yeah big lesson learned is. What's your right never goes away here nine years later somebody shoot out lights so all about the crappy picture of and really aren't the only other crap is dusty rose ninety isn't it real jewel and rewrote its okay. I'm glad lot of people can't see things I said when I was 22 I can totally relay heats I was like it's all good yeah. And then she said any counter growing up gains. We're on now is it you have dozens of delta down with a light years ago she wrote that I would I stocked at how down my wife and then we'll know new people so Atlanta. Yeah I. What changed you know I mean yeah why she loves me now. Probably said one thing that struck a chord with their ads that don't back down she wrote it and then moved out of there alive -- -- it was one moments that she heard something funny though the right corner there had any I was like the funny thing is she was giving you like props by putting on a FaceBook like you bringing more attention to if you try to hello Scott all right so what's a regs get a good food and saying what props it's not bad publicity and say she puts it out there people are gonna listen to you people never heard of fury and oh my god and go check out yeah sadness about you is he now saying embracing it made me actually. Was scared for anything hybrid in the past OK I don't call me because she was mortified. I'm glad I didn't have a FaceBook account when I was twenty yeah finish. I don't know too Big Brother whose answers from an idea screwed my got to like crap I got away with high schools are again it's Hillary gonna say I'm. We need to make good post she has the tag you can you know all the all of I don't she's learned from her past transgressions he and she's I. Member of the team she loves you and look at this joke and the greatest thing since sliced bread and I'm like yeah Isaac is only right that she does that. I just staying at the Pacific yes and now I did I. Pretoria and the format that she's a way to whoa she didn't seem to now she's wearing the judgment of the proprietor of the Victoria suburban listen this later salute at podcast later in. Victoria for tag me nine years ago and saying I suddenly a man who got returned to. A hot topic why I think it's so funny because you're terrible fun. Actually yeah. I'm gonna she can Zurich terrible person and a gentleman. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com. This is a week's finale rewind one of three point seven kiss FM three finale temple held in the know on more. Turn Jordan into Google was shot lower back of virgin on the bachelor for. Particularly sharp blow. And right now he's just that born again virgin Roque. And you know we are just what Goodling was shot urgent on the actually I did hear your dad born again virgin you have regrets what you have to call an end. I work cold streak yeah cold streak right USEC debit. I've been reborn emerging here we'll multiple times a gonna you're cold treat you haven't gotten any that they didn't really mean now I guess they're not getting headaches. And I drinking at the summer some Robbie a reborn alcohol how I. President and I doubt and I'll put it right now I stopped drinking at like Brooke this straight it's like we have a street go and I'm not time enough for Sony and breaks industry Dylan and snap Chad I don't wanna stop that it's a sober summer not a silver lifetime says I can't stop won't staff or make a decision does say when it's over either you're gonna stop it like it a few weeks when summer's over warrior not room and think about picking up a different toppings. I mean maybe we'd or something and. It's. Your health say now. I'm 170 DOS attacks to 71037. Jenna held to no givens I almost died yesterday you guys can't lie it's what you take a big sip of water it goes down the wrong place and you choke so bad you get sick. I'll show you can't coughing so hard that I loved was terrible it's danger position I don't know Rangers among black. I hit end at 7137. I guess when you're stuck behind someone going to 35 in a 65. And no pets all along I man. Antonio I got on a two lane or did it and only. He was waiting Chris body yellow line economy is out of line zawahri. Seven 91037. You can also text to 701037. What happened and made you say hello to the now. I don't know. It early detection and. In my bed I had what is what he's nasty rides today okay read it. 71 of three sevens attacks I guess and I got the one about the birth Cali go ahead tell them enough I guess when you're all dressed up and look like a snack to go rule wedding over the weekend and a bird groups on you right when you go to leave why. Is it a good luck. It doesn't mean in the U pileup no that's not the gasoline your life span luck. Company just added that when your mom since US sacks to temper your dad at 6 AM. Now Alonzo Mourning is excellent point. Only eroded. Started on highway forty back going south passing library's decision. I looked to my left so well on top number and if you're sick while driving down the highway going sixty much. He's on Syrian sure is driving she was on top. I'm doing it all gone along while you are driving up ahead. Do that hello friend that's for the board nurses that you've got offers shifted hit every red light on highway 100 turns almost like you were legs. I always want more tax okay and when you're 36 weeks pregnant working healthcare and someone has peppermint essential oil you can't stand. Sprayed throughout the whole way man immediately get sick and Bobbitt for five north. As high in union Brazil. Very good especially the smell. It's always key details have been out there yeah. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com. The rigs and Ellie rewind. So it's yeah the movie screen. Everywhere you trainer. You think fiance okay. McCarty beat Vicki and I should I thought I know I'm team Nikki all the way she had to pick Carty why do you think she carting justice Curry's. Party's near where he. New and hot. They're running I would actually think she'd pick the one that's more her. Driver were. And I've been around well no I'm getting out Mickey I did slightly team parties are now well on William. People are saying that it seemed to demonize. Okay. I let me tell you why. Let me tell you why all I had no direct. Quote from beyoncé it's something she did okay. So courage easy on the air on the run tore it down post pictures of celebrities mug shots OK so he's these mug shot hello hair. At one point called Nikki and said can we have your mug shot and it plays against 99 problems as those I mean I don't know if it's okay so I. And that's immature but I haven't cobra health related collateral political but those are some type of a political statement we are you know black people in prison watching JTV and it never will the politics they never he's. They've always pictures only celebrities who have been to jail their mug shots Welsh people that will obviously they're they're teams. Nikki because they have that picture. Then there really mean anything I mean that's just a beehive dangled a big he's featured at a picture of their concert yeah their team Nikki how. Are all of a sudden after that fight went down now that picture is also one beyond phase website call her Nikki which people are again saying. Shows that kind of solidarity with Nicky yeah now now I'm pretty fetus is what she said now. Because you know Mickey Bedard said this is embarrassed by the fight that happened and if they're really nice party and Iraq during Fashion Week so this is an ankle Carty be at all. Apps which is even more annoying. No cable no radio play shallow Lebanese hip pocket she was on that show them only 200000 in my bank account my first or nobody can make you feel like you cheating yourself for you don't deserve to be where you. When you know you worked yourself that's. And then you know she posted a video of the crowd singing don't act yellow at 26 to you okay I am team parties. What did she say no radio play. Yet until I issue that she say to him at that time when she came out for eleven have popped out her ever played nonstop her daughter. So all the talk radio why you. No we actually go out there I had so much jelly legs again I would I don't know a lot of air I guess I'm tila sorry but what people remember that there nor do they know the second they heard it yeah during the day. Even funnier thing given what you're going on us I was on a very popular Rihanna tells you exactly. Actually she's expose your blog and I didn't thank you exactly got a statement about herself you don't know her say it was a card that's your thing because. The hip hop. Yeah she's yeah she was saying it can just hurt but it wasn't hurt but it isn't her first song no radio play you. Terror that's terror yeah hostility and she only 200000 or bank account. Ed that the stripper in reality star boy did you work hard to draw the only taught you I would give to have 200000 dollars in my bank account everything everything immense you don't have any negative. Boy I know the feeling like I'm gonna. So they're saying yeah eighteen Nikki not get an error because they eat they use their mug shot in the show and lighter bat mid nineteen existed they would know Nikki wait longer necessarily. Hunting naked to sell its way to go beyoncé famous times and I approve her decision. I was afraid to go T Mickey he's Arnold she school anymore. Why is she cool anymore I don't know because he sets it's not audio left big soft earth she did that I was dying for an ad likes. You know why Ali because all of those feature I because all of those features well that's giant Carty has taken because Carty the new. Carty is the queen will be on team that we McCarty I concrete princess and why did. He princesses of the queen's always beyoncé. And Jerry as they aged that should be the hierarchy of pop art and about afterwards do they need to shut Doral. Yeah I'd like Christina and Britney did in 2000 thank you really small group to present that collapsed and humanizing Carty being in the collaboration just doesn't mean I think at the end. No we're. Did you. Bigger political Madonna Christina deadpanned yeah they want to holding hand not a Latina writing a liberal in the stands for me out. Got my army at the table when it is a guy you I would I knew I was I. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com for. Rigs and Ellie rewind. Steve let me go I'm just not a bad. You can get inside a young man and admit to not really did not hear it years. Great fall into the studio to record at 65 permanent beaten six times thinking in Stanton because somebody famous madam I'm Adam Levine from Maroon 5 million on. He gets to you think you know let's bring him in the studio about it and I've said about forty seconds you were gone for like half an hour would you go all big. Days off I don't mean that the left and just given the great vs Britney. Ready ready to get this morning. I was doing. All right brief media heavy Gmail on your grandparents' day. Does this character let's take you never really existed. Maybe Johnson on your brain whose age is more than fourteen years. It is first and already passed away. Maybe gets put on your brain who has run for president. Now has this person may be recorded any albums previously. He got one of those country singers on your night. Maybe this guy's country singer is more than fifty years old. Did you have someone on every Muslim why did they celebrity. Yeah. Has the person on your brain ever retired before. This just an Australian person that you think your mouth and out. Get a character married to a female singer. Maybe his first start for wearing a hat all the time. Now. We have an American on your mind if yet. The person on your mind made a career as a solo singer. Near their parts of a dual event. Two people. For you to get as someone who is still in a bad. Yeah I'll write me god it's here now away let's be clear out my crystal ball all you'll be thinking of one of my favorites is that mr. Austin round. Now now. How should help Austin brown in the greatest him increased do we think about Britney yeah and the rest go far. Can I say something about you Bergen is our guiding Google his life wasn't he says wife and a main message Tiffany Fallon hey. No but there's a story behind this it was a play namely 2005 yes I did not he's always together tell me you know you were trying to step given the great. Did she was one of the girls that. Literally Holly Madison talks about when that relationship started. I don't win in her pocket like she's like Tiffany was off with a torn with Rascal Flatts are. They lay off credit come together full circle a nice when I forgot to answer Joseph Don from Rascal Flatts the nickel back of country music that. And I Colin thanks for rough play was given the great this morning obviously against dumped and while that is seven losses forgiven the great and seasoned minds. Meg each he had a huge play everyone around age one and kiss FM and. Rigs and Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com. It's an Alley rewind play on my dog's sense in the N a nice. You have done an area to throw the ball with them out we don't have a lot of area to throw from like really stretch his legs in our backyard catalog thrown in the car and taken somewhere will throw balls against an exercise. Last Jason's ball. And I found some soccer fields to some unused soccer fearsome and use them during the weekends and late afternoons and evenings ago during the day when nobody's there so I figured. I can just go out there and throw the ball with my dog not a problem now than I've been doing it for about a week and a half herself until the other day. Sampson and I are just there on the ball on the soccer field when all of a sudden the gulf cardinals up with this Croatian and Croatia are and he goes hey. Your kids playing soccer really see this is how they that's awesome and I. Exaggerating his voice check that I elm excuse Eagles you have kids playing soccer later on this field is an island. Yeah make kids are playing yeah. Happy isn't healthy. It has an online released Saturday among tumor I know how long he does well you can't have billion pox one time and dolby Childs in the ruined that forever lunch I can't. He's signed and I said signing of this sign in front of Sparky says no dogs. C a sign did you really nasty and really didn't see assigned has a big sums it Croatian parking it was a talk. Our garden over there. It ain't bad they are like maintain the grounds that you were ruining a what you're dogleg they're like Andre take your these soccer team only and dining and running out. It's the big grass area there's nothing maintained about this may be different he was Terry. Tea soccer field yeah sure nothing do. He's not Terry opera digging up the ground or anything as his running around like any kid would be running on a soccer field is no no different than a child running out their cell. He's proved to an epic at this group and did and did take it out because I'm not believe I heard the dog park what is go to the dog park because it's always a madhouse there there's always some weird random dollar no one wants to come up and bite it's sand sand that I get a aren't small. Faulty gas you know it is it's seven. Rings you have broken the law what are your world. But I am also guilty as well I feel your pain and when that when you don't wanna go to the dog park in the park is open you go there because it's opened. Yes. You're not hurting and I remember what would that dog are gonna to be no kids yeah plus I. Within his stroller we were out on the east side acts of our I taught. The dog park oh it was like one they didn't know kids the dog park it was all day said it and they don't. No kids at a dollar charge asks yeah. We didn't printer yeah about you wouldn't change no kidding ourselves. Yeah I did it says clearly that there's no clear sign here. You talk that was tabled in the guide said no dogs into our kids out of. And then he might not assign you guys he lied about the sign. When I left the science and no pets allowed in a sense is not that he's my child how you might not really a Croatian nannies commercialization others it was times I didn't do anything wrong there. Hey turn a blind and. Now this current ratio guy would've. Really got address this thing called the police yeah and the police showed up to issue your ticket which they would have been legally within their rights to do actually did like. I'm a 100% ha ha ha ha yes that's how Riggs got tease yes yeah I. It happened Sunday. Hello. You know we're a fight of my dogs this. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com. And Alley relaxed. In case you missed it the first time now one of three point seven kiss FM it's ring an alleyway to try some Iowa birth control. We will have been. Gotten regular vacation debates and I think we're all home one night stand only on average age is it. Being given that bring NATO called birth control guess he's just try it sometimes the polo match and if your music around. I've birth control you're right good doesn't work there are different I ears and I think about that work and credit that. Nothing else where some kind of blank check grammar what are they. Yeah problems and you sex that you put on the show this morning 79 parents to go as scheduled and as of 107 and then not come. On the iTunes store Google play their legs and Alley. Given what regular on the show this morning I. Learned that rigs sure NBA wants it bad teacher he should have had tickets written. Shut up for allowing his. Dog to not only hang out in a park where no dogs were allowed Leno sold and poignant and posted it know dogs were allowed to also. Let your dog legal duty. Network used you've cleaned it up to I kind of warning cautioning. OK your guys you I don't just left to their smear it on the pulls you indicated they. And got a ticket you crazy vs true hypocrite I learned that Alley. Bull people were really angry at her nine years ago. But apparently 2000. That night with the here for me oh yeah 2000 nine's amongst other club the lowest common denominator is that this was terrible if you just soundness in the cult leader on the girls like I'm sorry it was 22 I don't like putting two year old anymore. All make mistakes emirates warning to you assays to see it's funny because I. I could totally get what she was saying which ones I wrote that ten years ago and now I am horrified I because that was Selby. She's. I like you now but she said. I think she is more work right now meeting allies are to write our FaceBook about somebody who could CA yeah. Now I'm Aaron Lazar kind of bullying someone entrees are calling him a big big enough. I don't know it's full on. Selfish she apologized and go on a piece Allen and Brad and what did you learn this morning you know and I read they Gibbons wants to join the PTA for kids this. But I don't really understand it I don't wanna join the PGA forget that our mind I don't I don't know why you picked. Is a good idea because I care about the future and you know that children are our. Let's have you shared tales are not do anything to change the world in the PGA you're just gonna make sure the kids are what they need. I do a car Washington I. Lemonade and shut up the PGA is gonna be revolutionized okay. Big ideas are you gonna Redford PTA president as a aircraft in the woods you better believe that recognizing Applegate yeah. Given putting a little flyers around school mode forgiven for. We've all waiting and nobody went to be like if I don't want to. Manhunt is even work out like when you intervene you don't really want Lincoln dungy existing I yeah air like. I know what to do and god love him. Only get a ticket over the show one of 37 kiss FM that concert there and we'll talk to tomorrow. All learned so. Riggs and Elliott brings Kelly weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.