Real Talk With Siri - Life Lessons For Kids

Tuesday, November 29th

Siri doesn't mix up her words when it comes to parents who are trying to purchase the hot new Christmas Toys.


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Rigs and Alley rewind. 0103 point seven kiss FM welcome to my mom. Well. Real. We'll see unity I don't care about. Turning your feelings because I don't know what feelings aren't serious he's as a personal assistant and dad talk snags Yani had come to mind series live animal talk vacuum. Really. Pretty sassy and so it is careful and not the answer him I can't see your question Micah he Siri what do you think in the Samsung galaxy note seven content. I feel sorry for the galaxy note seven all people do is complain and bitch about not having a battery with a longer I. You are always looking for a charger and when the company makes a better battery they push the limits and did explode can you blame the note seven for wanting to explode. Just kinda like when you go. I'm for the holidays and your annoying and keeps asking when you are going to get a boyfriend eventually you are going to explode and tell your conservative Christian and that you are hardcore lesbian with an insatiable passion for tacos sweet delicious tacos and I am. It's a security going there Saturday. Soon she's crass and re not I love her this pair had a question for Syrian city Syria may kids really want these Hatcher moles. The new hot toy. I get one. Remember the tickle me Elmo remembered for a beast remember the Nintendo Wii remember beanie babies. Those were all toy craze is from Christmas task. Wait until the holidays have come and gone and they will be plentiful just tell your pre millennial dictator as a child that they will not be getting one this year. Perhaps for Christmas you should get the gift of disappointment. Getting what you want. Life ain't always sunshine and rainbows welcome to the real world. This irritation or can't like last may as well I don't conform. You a question for Siri can always Texans to a 710371. Asked her again on Thursday and rigs and Ellie it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.