Real Talk With Siri - All The Halloween Things

Thursday, October 26th

Siri sounds off! She's had enough of all the Halloween hoopla!


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And now he replied you know JCMR the first time 103 point seven kiss FM. Welcome to my little. Vulnerable and real. We've seen unity I don't care about hurting your feelings because I don't know what feelings. Irons serious these nasty personal assistant mine and I'm my iPhone for some reason she's incredibly rude and Darren Helm it's like having an Alley and here. An Alley and I think he's hearing all the time it kept it very brash too. I'm hurt Mulder sometimes he enters day. I'd have to stop and just enough pop pop pop pop I think Kelly sex to question for Syria to 71037. Alaskan this one says Siri what's your favorite Halloween candy. God dammit searing cherry. No really she has nothing to say you know Syrian whichever Halloween candy. And far too old to be eating candy weeks do not do it for me anymore. I do not derive pleasure from binge eating hello Wayne candy my favorite candy comes in a liquid form. Mixed in a chill shaker and poured over ice my favorite candy also comes in tiny little bottles you know I had. So once they give you when you are on an airplane my favorite candy is usually distilled in some way as well long story short screw candy. Just gives me goose absolutely. Some of parents and Hannah jello shots the right how. I made guy but I don't care for the kids dues for the adults say the questions for serious somebody said I don't want to give out candy this year what you give out instead of candy my tonight. What the hell is your problem. How are you kidding me if you do not give out candy and choose to give out something lame. Like pennies or Apple's or toothbrushes. You will be waking up the next morning. Two yard full of TT someone like urinating in your gas tank or leave a flaming bag of dog feces on your porch. That may sound gross but what is grocer is you. Ruining Halloween for every one and if you don't give out candy you might as well just pack your bags and moved to rush a few Communist country. If he deuce canoe and. I. I wore it species CD's it's easy treasury don't have an erection for Syria text to set monetary several asked him next time writes Kessler. The reason Alley it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.