Questions You're Asked Because Of Your Job

Friday, February 17th

Working in radio means we get asked crazy questions all the time. Does that happen to use based on your job?


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This is a big smelly re why do people always ask you questions because of your job you have one of those jobs and and Sammy around people disabled so what do you do for a living on transferring over all. Is an ever thrown open your backseat. Again it's guaranteed that's the question that everybody asks a new driver I outside ever driver that I usually. What an outfit that I'd what are those stories people always ask us who work for radio station do you get. To get a lot legalized saves people the answer is no now. Not really Michigan senator like people and local TV famous ideal. I knew and obviously he's absolutely right you're trying to convince the Toronto from Tampa Florida. It's going to be dealing guest from Brian diners can no big deal for his daughter not so much camp not really so much to be there and particularly to countries. But it is because of your job what are the questions the you always get asked because it's your job 41479910372. Morning kiss FM and. Hi I'm obviously I'm not a mechanic. I'm I've worked at a job many years. And it bite it I'm like opening an op Ed and it caused the rampant talk and they always ask me if I actually work on cars. Even even know I'm just thirty and everything like that they maybe edit or not they took that up. Because lab and a woman be able to six car Braylon right. Now when they ask something like that do you tell them yes and then I'll charge a late charge extra crews are carried the jerk clause. I no actually I can't do that kind of actually my dad that I love how the a lot of customers and when you know guys feel I'm sort democratic candidate yet but you know that. His sex act more our breath. I see a woman journey into the car moving my head gasket and I. And that the that's it they sure can't we appreciate you as lending good morning Robert Wood and people always ask you because of your job. Well I work in auto repair facility can bear to get our prayers yeah and a lot of questions I'm going to ask colleagues report on the week. I was here she's. A cat. People aren't in the future period or don't ask I could understand the glass computer or something specific but it Dierker cards. You repair cart does like asking if the McDonald's serves food. I think the difference. An early. No actually I want dogs are. Yeah I thought about both the stakes are gone Robert appreciate lessons like. I've Rachel a lot of talent good morning what do people always ask you because your job. I'm off the bottom so a lot of people. And it's like a robot meant by it but I opened its old irons and. A lot of people like only do you guys get a lot of people that packed has ever been puke and go collect. You know I never do that helped me do that. Diana do you get free to gays can there was an entry to the mustang but. He hit yellow that all the cookies at the end of the day it is hey Rachel now I think for Colin thanks for doing the good work collecting blood instead. Good lord knows we need that kind of stuff good morning Sonia and he locked you would have people always ask you because your job. I am and I educational there's a lot to public schools and so I work with kids especially it been like I'd motor issues but because everybody here at occupation all. They always thank all you help people find jobs. Let me add that even colder and I knew I had good. Did you have to educate them about your job via my girlfriend does he's actually think she's not based on purpose in Chicago and that was one of the first things I asked are not doing such a it. Books and equipment gratification you think John that makes sense yeah. Science thanks for calling we appreciate you lessen its warning outlaw mark off from Trevor in New Berlin what do people always ask you because your job traffic. Iron my health week doctor Luke and fair and everybody out apps mean where's the good places to each other places I would put an lets you do tell them. Now all know colonists caused him to insure you asked you out but they have a chance to slightly. Is it because it plays and digestive rectify what they've Denny came on all this place has roaches but they probably fix the roaches and there are no morrow is. But if you really wonder which triggered the Stewart ago please I thought for here is Trevor thanks for Callan. They we ought to question because of our jobs such as radio people everybody gets. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on the man and 1037 kiss FM dot com.