Putting Pets In Your Will

Tuesday, November 7th

A discussion between Alley and her girlfriends lead to a topic on the air. Would you put your pets in your will? Gibbons absolutely would!


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And Ellie relies. In case you missed it the first time I've written by guys now when I had girls' violence we Diana which I would flip the. I don't for a long times are telling me how they. Dog lovers we and our dog oh yeah Danielle is telling me how old they haven't. Well. What. Yeah you heard me. They're pets and their well Sean Penn might look. Your pets can indict before you've probably you know won't know our pets certain hour well Mike this is appeared to like military common my note. Is it leaving something for the pets when they pass or is it somebody take care of the pats well where stocks are gonna become this. That's the only thing I did think it was like if something happened to me I would like to say like Sampson would be with Sally are given that would want him to do what he. It's always going to be fine if you guys I know you know we take care tonight at the same thing about now I don't worry benefits and I. You're. And afraid earlier would take care if I diagonally all the less diversity in my fridge to nine on. Now I'm insulted I want to let Joseph. And what is a common thing I don't yeah so I went I've passed away woods will be before killer before my dog killer no doubt yeah I do. Everything titles this isn't much but everything every dollar in my bank account you ever takes care of killer of course plus really. We excelsior leaving nothing I'm leaving nothing. For Keller hi. It's everything and whoever takes care of killer gets every one of my girlfriend get a divorce she's telling me how this things so we had the dog in the well and so now we got to redo. So we're now who would be taking the dog is the only reason I can see me can and will have no issue like their dog chose to conform. Time. I just did not know. No this is at stake but apparently getting me. And will for your dog or putting your era well. Is quite common and where the weird series your friend one of those over the top dog owners the dresses them up enthusiasts out it's all the time. And sweaters and look ridiculous yeah yeah not a nine imminent and as militants. We'll get dressed up and dogs like you and your friends is both to picture like pat I'm as we're doing this entire second it was a stolen Shea didn't. The tiny dogs into. I'm. Pets are Els saying I guess saying when your friends get ready interest income Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.