Packers - Gameday Superstitions

Friday, January 20th

You always have to wear your GREEN AND GOLD socks, when you don't - the Packers LOSE?  What are your odd gameday superstitions? 


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She missed it the first time. And now in real life. I hear the music. Yet PM so I know we are going to mess nor am Sampras there's. 4147991037. Tell the story about Gibbons who's not here because he's sick of how yes they came to work with a fever Briggs had given how I'll ask don't bring that here mom is sick right now grass so he comes marquee leaves but anyway. The funny story properties are Gibbons even going back here was the other day when ice when we were all talking about lead over the packer game can we get it together or eat them. I think that the people only like disgusting off dearest friends. And he goes 00 were born my girlfriend mom's house in west what's been a Milwaukee or wherever because that's what we watched it last week and we'll have to be in the exact date. They were last week. Packer fans are like this I've noticed Green Bay Packers fans alike is more than any in the sand and never. Exactly. Now all 44799137. I'm sure people happy I was at a friend's house last weekend gal and the wife my friend was sitting watching the game. The Packers were killing. Key element in the cowboys started coming back as a she was like to accept the change in Thailand he thought that was doormat like he's not she feels. Change this changes your socks and comes back out and attack is when she was like yeah. The sock puppets socks every time. I Eric Bruntlett injuries in the freeware or that he does certain places around the room was our engine telling us sales in the same spots yeah they're watching they each Seton. Certain area that my kids are not so. I batters and allowed to the Packers but the fact that you think because you'd change your socks they want that. And say well now you can't let a hundred people change their stocks and half of them were cowboys fans stereo. Eight it went OK so. In fact is every day but they just sort of touchdowns in the kitchen. And kitchen doing well. Excuse. For men to their web men and four days. To get the stay there. Set them what zero weird Packers superstition or. Eight I kind of got myself into a hole. And RA. Was watching all the games up until they lost organs and Earl right bend it stopped watching the game. Senator Bob what's in the they won one game writes another tennis. How all this I'm afraid to watching. She. All and it looks like it will learn that they may get the watch him do flat glass against gay and the cowboys game nor reviewed. Do you monitor online like how do you get through without watching yeah. I won't I will not watched or listened to the entire game until maybe the fourth quarter expert sweating bullets what that was like. Writer on the boards and they were right now which. That maybe I should watch it may he should do it maybe it should not and he had. It happens and say thanks for college version of IE I watched the games ranks of the typical of him as a player I. Florida. They look at your door really daddy did launch right right I wound or go back out there Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on the man. And at 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.