Not So Hallmark Holidays - April 19 - Bicycle Day!

Wednesday, April 19th

Always finding a reason to celebrate something, Riggs has today's edition of "Not So Hallmark Holidays" - including a holiday that pays tribute to his lovely wife.  


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One of three point 7% to. Won't slide to greeting cards authorities. Here are your not so hallmark holidays for today is April 19 and yes it's bicycle. I'm right by guard maybe rent a Butler today's Dutch American friendship day. Contact my wife is Dutch and find a nice Dutch person and give them a pair of wooden shoes because stereotypes it's humorous day I may not be funny all the time at least some funny sometimes seen as John Parker day he was a captain Steve battle of Lexington and 1775. Feel free to hang out today for a national hanging out day is Ameren a day which is delicious with orange juice and it's national garlic day helpful for fighting off vampires or keeping your loved ones a day those are your not so hallmark holidays for April 19 103 point seven kiss FM's.