Not So Hallmark Holidays - 4/20

Thursday, April 20th

If you're not down with the whole 420 movement, don't worry - there are PLENTY of other holidays you can celebrate today, just might not be able to find any greeting cards for them...


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One of three point 7% to. You won't find a greeting cards authorities. Here are your not soul hallmark holidays for today is April 20 and polluted sports Juanita daily or friends pretend to smoke pot yeah we know what you're up to Panama red its international pizza take day that just sounds like a Stoner creation pizza. And take you could its line. He respects today he spent 364 days a year disrespect them take today off what you did get to know your customer day technically is a listener you are customer. I'm rigs. Get to know agendas and time. It's national ask an atheist days away so I say when you sneeze national high five day not hide its national chatter prize day because for twenty national day or day because also for Tony national lookalike gay people say look like Billy bush and and I wanna punch those people and it's national pineapple upside down cake today again. Because point one Eagles are you are not so hallmark holidays for April 20 103 point 72 set them.