National Sandwich Day

Friday, November 3rd

Riggs and Alley will NEVER miss an opportunity to discuss food.  NEVER.  


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Happy national sandwich day I want once. Everybody wants sandwich there was a loud when a big rose piece which would. Lettuce and tomato and many 79 and went up 37 or please Texas 71037. This that is just out yeah this is a discussion about sandwich. Pilot Eli always disagree on that sandwich and not get here you always pick cousins. I was Jimmy John always cousins all the land. The only thing I'd really appreciate about cut them that they exhibit Fries. Try to occasionally you know one net deliver and apparently 100 as a drive your guess is the one neighbor and you like to Friday cousins know to try out just like that they have fright like an option yet this is probably why not a big sub person I don't like chips that might really sell. I don't dis like chips and I just never really eagle for a sandwich now for China. My meal girl I don't just say yeah I don't sacks so used to be team so when Aniston jumped over to cousins and Susan moved here why so he subway bright discriminate at sea ice subway at all Alex subways toppings but cousins bread. So I can combine the two of them. It will be to Jimmie Johnson has the best for the disagree mature and waits. I do love the fact that Jimmy Jones delivers which makes them a giant on site to Jimmy jolly. One of the lions fit my army had neither one of them deliver like I can't take this on a subpoena and shall we make all the time course or I can't yes but there are some people to have to really outlandish so much combinations Alfred. That's weird a weird pregnancy can and MSI and 107 by the way. Share your favorite sandwich because it is national seat she might get injured his knee to the tomato sandwich which is just the toast with our bread. It. Did it again and toasted bread toast with Brad tells them daughter tally that put and you put the sliced tomatoes on there miracle whip. Put together is to list you don't need the batter FYI no need to me out Democrat until the butter adds more flavor that's my grandma used to put butter underneath gently on Brad would she make us toast and jelly yeah she does so that wanted to do this it put slap a butter and only. Abbott jelly and that's what I don't get what the point the buttery slant more flavor it's still good hasn't sat he's willing to dual agenda much heart disease is dead. You know it just don't register rig burn both loved we are loving this is the Reuben sandwich all hard to keep up this bit chilly day do it again and just hit me right missile I got a little group that beards and child wanted Jerry is amazing what he had. Think Rubin for crying out loud sometimes you know what does it is amazing he also has a really good real little Arby's. Yeah RT Stuart says it and get Ruben when he's doing that for fast food places are to make it Ruben yeah. Yes feel free to chime in Imus damaged camera say similar size and like every seven orders yet text us. Seven on a street sign people are texting and saying ports and the best. County have are true you are correct tux and I. National sandwich dance kiss FM.