MKE Must-Do List - One More Nice Weather Weekend

Friday, November 4th

We've got at least one final weekend with good weather in MKE. Get out and be somebody!


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Re wines. The weekend upon us looking for something to do. I want something here's your Milwaukee must do list nice weekend it's sixties for the ten snow rain that's good. Here's W news for that we can Milwaukee for your walking must do list. She didn't stay young and admirals game yet for givens gets around I have not put them back to season. Good morning Kansas tonight to take on the Chicago wolves of the union Leland panther arena what play demean known potentially get the new arena done. They're switching over because of the ice and everything I guess they're doing it at the UW and panther from marina for across the street from the be all right and its low write downs recruitment fair hosted at the same acidity. The confirmed kills too well with Eliza Schlesinger she's in the past the air tonight kicking off her big nationwide tour. Get an interview with her at that one of seventy system dot com tomorrow's free day at the zoo when she got his view it's free to pay for parking teaching kids and us little brisk fall walk through the zoo. We didn't polar bears and smell the penguins stale smell delicious and is a thing called coffee fest going on the urban ecology center in Riverside park. The budget coffee I'll. Local coffee is malicious. There's another thing called. And they got ninety dinosaurs that he was doesn't stay there was sitting Wisconsin state fair park drastic question. The dike like sized dinosaurs in little sized dinosaurs apparel and electronics and some of the move around looks super cool. It's Saturday and Sunday at the the Wisconsin state fair exposition center. Politically tickets there is Jurassic qwest dot com. Nobody probably right but maybe they might want to win yeah. Who knows who knows who is Owen is the last we gonna check out the lantern festival that Cheney that satellites down at the other morning gardens going to be fantastic the border botanical gardens. Last week and you do it there's your Milwaukee must do list cannot be sentenced. It forced us didn't crafting price rigs in LA it's rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.