MKE Must-Do List - Holiday Parades Begin

Friday, November 11th

It's the most wonderful time of the year....HOLIDAY PARADE SEASON!!!!


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It's an Alley. Re wines. The weekend is upon nice looking for something to do. I want something here's your Milwaukee must do list yes things that the slowdown of the winter. The US that's the out as many Austen festival stuff like that but it's still going to be a nice weekend Nordisk free to go out and pick as something fun. As we get this train fast. The trend Ali I have no it's not that tells a wild Monahan and training into a blazing five hours sat after heavy. In custody in Wisconsin exposition center as a bunch of model trains Saturday and Sunday if you kids allotted twenty via Kindle and trains Super Bowl there's a really big displays and everything dealing tomorrow bunch of Christmas has set going on in Germany's Amelie there's a Christmas for me and 2 o'clock tomorrow that's in Germantown today candy -- five K or something's gonna in the morning down the overseeing holiday parade and tree lighting is -- -- thirty tomorrow at 1019 militia got the bucks game wash them into the drills are easy to do that tomorrow at the two in the Harris Bradley center of the box and grizzlies they're gonna wind they named their very woman probably not weakness in the admiral's tomorrow night since a military night of course oh by the way happy veterans day. After they're married to say sorry that was lastly am glad I sound yeah I am. And the attackers to come to Tennessee Titans at noon on Sunday. If they can't beat titans we really need to worry. You really need to worry if they can beat the titans this should be good game regardless. If you're in a sword fighting its war it. We're the rays face that its award citing no Zealand or USA sentencing November North American cup is in town as we can you guys. Yeah in this deal and they seem go to the Wisconsin center for some big time sensing action and nice I had I had a feeling of a seven day they get a he's a lot you must do list. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.