Missed Connections - West Bend BAE

Thursday, March 22nd

Were you a dude in West Bend grabbing some PBR recently? Well, the woman of your dreams is looking for you!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind. Shouldn't the voice of the yard at West Bend or break that's scientific and academic has been Netanyahu has given. TT Atlanta chides that's that's that's. Craigslist is where people but missed connections they saw somebody in public dating get a chance to make connections so they read it on here in the and I read them on the radio. This one says PBR drinking Subaru Legacy driving dream man. A woman for a female well it says we're searching for they. Gorgeous and quotes mystery man with dirty blond hair Stubbs facial hair and unforgettable smile that was possibly in your twenties. Wearing tan carpenter pants shopping and Jeff spirits on main and West End around forts and I'm one are cheaper one man yes I know what we're looking for a man always a crypto hey what are for a man. West Bend around 4:10 PM on March 16 you bought a thirty pack of PBR and 240 ounce cans of beer crickets to. Our friend nearly hit your car by pulling down front if you with her white Pontiac G six Everyman west right out like Deanna I was a ticker at liquor stores this weekend. Is a growth a group of girls are relative to their girlfriend is our friend here are cute chatty blind. Apologized and you assured her it was all right if you were used to it because of Milwaukee drivers surplus but if you think this might be used speak up for open to track down our friends the quote lust at first sight. I yeah. But the fact that she she can turn on a thirty pack of PBR's yeah. That's option that can. This is then is true Milwaukee missed connection GAAP and had a blast then yell from the Daria. Commercial free music continues with him boy Justin Timberlake limited town in September rallies Artie got her tickets yeah bought that I loved them yeah I'm. Riggs an Alley it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.