Missed Connections - The Watermelon Woman

Wednesday, June 13th

If you stumbled upon a woman full of watermelons at the store recently, today's Missed Connection could very well be about you!

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Rigs and Alley rewind. News can match. Both. Like Karl calling. Arizona nervously talking to one another little mart owned this for. It's weird you're tired I think we don't. If you get bit this what is Britain to Emily from costs goes missing in action. Pass this guy says that Emily I love your melons demand for a woman's. So how so I love your cake man and a woman for KX. It's. That says Emily we met today at the the nominee falls costs go with your cart full of watermelons for the kids although we secretly know that they were all for you think. Think we had a great conversation about watermelons and how we both love them so much. How we'd like to exchange numbers we're both recently singled and it's a long shot. But if you left you but one of leaving too quickly and ended when asked for your number in the awkward when she dancing with two watermelons across the Woodbridge in the beach make it dirty dancing. And her friends and for a for us. Silly hopes to hear from you and those melons again we. Yeah I let me also they get a miss connection any lag I got a we're judging very very worried now we keep baseline they will find him his connection that is not awkward. Right that's my mission to assess their real personality it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on the man and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.