Missed Connections - Take Your Toupee

Thursday, August 16th

If you left your toupee at a lady's apartment after some love making, I'm pretty sure today's Missed Connection is about you!

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And Ellie rely. In case you missed it the first time. When you do you run into somebody and published but you don't have the courage to go and keep talking to you write something on Craig list like this and it's in this connection I hate. This one is title and they. Come get your hair. Out and emails seeking a male she says. I know you're embarrassed. But you left your to pay back in my apartment. Yeah. I know you didn't know when it fell off. I sides is not a big deal if it makes you feel better. I have horrible breast acne all night moves also saw from a horrible case of psoriasis. Might. Would doubt my point being. My point being we all have something we're embarrassed about you change your number so I can't track you down you went by the name mats and said you listen economy lock. I know two days aren't cheap. You need to come and get your hair before sell an uneasy days salad he would like it kind of view the money. On my dime a cup but. Imagine anytime a guy who Brazil made a comeback since the Pacific summit here and move on here tonight saying good young or pregnant especially nowadays we just talked about hair transplant he. Stop pouring into credit toward eighteen get air trips by. Right now thanks for him to another creepy hairy missed connections all the way next givens different Phil we will grill sale yeah. I knew. Back on the market Milwaukee's. Kiss FM rigs and Ellie it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.