Missed Connections - The Subway Switch-Up

Wednesday, August 8th

If you're a vegan who recently discovered at Subway that mayo is NOT vegan, today's Missed Connections might be about you!

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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind. And you miss connection between. She. She's jealous read it natural talent now way. The reason I now so perfect how this kind of charming. So I. Action I'll be the judge that a guy that works and subway and he says I work at subway yesterday you came in and wanted to veggie delight. Is that went to get the bread you asked if I could change my gloves to Europe begin and I had been handling meat I did that no problem perfectly reasonable request. And I your bread toasted. Put it and I'll let his on set to wrap it up and you say hold on can I get some mail I looked at you you looked at me. I picked up the males I'm waiting for you to be like hot hot hot JK. Nothing so that's what I said could have you know Manning is has eggs and and rights. Just. Stood. There silent he retinal path. Story about news you hear a story. Then you guessed. No no it doesn't I get mail every time are you shore meet yes ma'am Mayo has egg whites and it you turn around and ran from the store I felt so horrible. You were distraught and beautiful and defeated. I shattered your world and wanna make it up here can I please come back. And don't ornamental and oral Howard price. On what she wants she's been having eggs are all this time thinking she's a median home a man with the idea I know words. This is an eighty. Here's this may reconsider being in the in this connection mating and there to meet sad. Go to the meat side dishes made of meat referenced some calls and no right. Riggs and Elliott brings LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss FM dot com.