Missed Connections - Red Hot Republican Love

Thursday, July 12th

Liberals beware! Today's Missed Connection is all about an ultra-conservative on the hunt for a lost love!

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Rigs and Ellie rewind it's. So true. So the rule of maroon. It's going to find these and Craig's list and somebody sees you on public but they're they don't and the guys to touch you in person so they write it on the Internet like this. Excellence to handle the red hot Republican. You were in pictures downtown last week contaminant drink at the bar talking with what I assume your friends. This email for a male by the way. Had the most seductive voice. You were wearing what I can only assume more American Eagle genes because the shoot his shirt you're wearing also had an airbrushed image of a bald eagle on the back of your sleeveless black T shirts for you guys he rich hall. Glasses and he flat top gray hair cut. You were the kind of hands that made Anderson Cooper cringe and Rush Limbaugh get a like a schoolboy and Christmas morning oh. I was the gusty redhead in the sequined shirt that walked by an offer you some of my popcorn. You awkwardly ignored me and that's fine. I'm pretty sure I have heard your voice before and I think he should be on the radio. In the eye and I don't know what color my sequined shirt was. We can be rightwing lovers and a left wing liberal. Yeah I politically yours will just call me Sarah. And very public and I went today. All the way down a notch which could take chances which is fairly lemonade just she's fast but with an age. Support and so there's art and zooming off for now someone offered a popcorn in victors please return to Sarah with some taken you in danger of anyone at Victor is a permanent. But in Italy governor Antonio. Kenseth and. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.