Missed Connections - Poetically Pathetic

Wednesday, July 18th

There once was a poet who write a Missed Connection. He did it because he had a giant e......wait....nevermind. Enjoy today's Missed Connection!

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This is a rigs and Ellie rewind. It. Take your tank that was written McCain. I'm very right now. And I think there. I hear. He let my maj. His in this connection it's written almost poetic Leanne Thomas went on Craigslist electric battery this one is what's amazing from. It's from a guy do a woman he says you. Drunk. Beautiful tattoo of your answer signature on your forearm. Upset about the streetcar and Angry Birds but overall a total babe he knew something about painting the Helm me. Just got to fork. Sweaty and collaborating. If it is GO. He wanted to get a drink some time but we know what I was wearing and with a tattoo on my forearm said. Remember we compared forearm tattoos. You ran signature and my crazy blank. What was on my floor and do all this and you get a number like come on man. Please also hear very please also tell me my favorite book in college the last you're not required just bonus for Pete's. She's had pretty far and didn't close the deal that's. Someone they know your favorite talking your favor how yes you still don't come their phone you can Varitek to navy guy eat he swung and missed and that's when brown. Maybe he wasn't meant to see someone being nice to see the and at that girl at heart. They have every match. Does every guy everywhere know every guy can relate to how to. A right to look down real quick they're making that I'm worried getting the wrong idea we'll go right anonymous connection and stand now hole where he lives loners. Great personality it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a damn dot com.