Missed Connections - Packers Suck

Thursday, March 8th

She HATES the Packers?  He may want to cut his losses on this whole connection...maybe its better off "missed"...


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You know. Yeah an ounce. I thought I'd say something maybe we had a little connection that didn't work outside put something on Craigslist to back off to turn on. That's right now to find all the missed connections don't settle for cheap knockoffs. Of this when says he told me the Packers stock. It's a male seeking a female us and I was wearing a Packers shared you came out to me and scream that the Packers suck it up my shirt was ugly. A war we lost me at the Packers aren't you sorry that I award too much Cologne as well you were drunk and very funny. I ask for your number and you laughed in my face and walked away. Your friend Jeff came out and said that that's how you flirt and that you thought I was cute. He said that was how you roll with dudes my father owns a massage parlor let me treat the works I promise I'm aware my Packers should again. Please respond. Because while you're not that hot your attitude makes you look he's sexy pick introduces honest and straight back to a few I yelled at a Pakistan. Maybe hit him up on Craig's list few the other Packers ready to go right yes to sag.