Missed Connections - One Night Wine-O

Tuesday, February 13th

Help make this Missed Connection into a love story!


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And only realized. You know in case you missed it the first time. Missed connections probably the greatest place on Craig's list. Next to the casual encounters but those are far to fill Peter you can risk your report that says this what is they mail for a female he says he slept with an a Lister. This guy says and has missed connection I'm looking for a girl named Tara. I would say you're in your mid thirties Thomas sexual hairy guy from Houston and yes everything is bigger in Texas. I'm sure you remember that he he. We had a one night stand back and 2015. After a wine tasting event in elm grove. He told me that you had once slept with a major A list celebrity who resides in South Florida. I couldn't believe he slept with him and does any of this ring a bell I'm back from Texas and would love to play that cousy what C game with you again prepare for a perfect. No messaging me and explaining what does who's he what's he means and let me know the celebrity has slept with so I know it's healed. Thanks I'll go for it. What could the celebrities that she's topless and roses and everybody is South Florida so we're really can be anybody like Ricky Martin may be now all non bounces than in other creepy disgusting. God missed connections test rigs and Alley it breaks LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.