Missed Connections - No Second Date EVER

Friday, February 16th

She hated the first date so much, she wasn't even going to give a second date a chance...and she wanted the world to know...


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News can. Never seen in this connection I guess it's a woman that never wants to see a guy again yeah except the and for nobody. Did she went and it dates. And this is what she wrote about her date text says reasons we won't be having a second day techniques to anyone Haldeman told him what an email me so I guess they met on here. Ten. You answer the phone saying hey girl hanging. Number nine. The last book you read wasn't acting manual. And number eight he checked grinder while I'm close enough to see it happen. So less number seven he continually referred to Lady Gaga as a ground breaking artist. Number six. You know you buried deep deep V neck shared so bought the most fulfilling relationship you have is with your mother. You're over 25 you're still wearing Abercrombie & Fitch. You have your own name tattooed on your body. I don't drinks which I think is just staggering yeah. We easily lose my number and never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever contact me again while the do you consider him an email like guys that again and I'm crying but didn't he really did you finally allowed to leave her alone. That's they do so was the lawyer arsonist connection a veteran right and believe me the apple and its connections yet.