Missed Connections - More Human Than Human

Monday, June 18th

This charmer is an extraterrestrial searching for an adventurous couple. Check out today's Missed Connection.

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This is rigs and Ellie rewind it's. On Monday morning how. Had a parent current. Missed connections as where you go when you find someone but you don't wanna talk to them c.s put it on Craig's list. In this connection this is a male seeking an open minded couple. He says. I was on how nice he went to skirt the reason why our army brigades out every and a husband. Maybe he wants my husband more or not. I was once a successful doctor but now on a sex slave looking for a home. I know I'm not of this world anymore in my birth name means nothing to me anymore I'm now here to serve yield. Having no identity turns beyond beyond belief her. I just want to be known as a whole other person. I'm looking for Maine she's male female couple that was I think seriously I just need three square meals a day in a supply of weekly diapers and that's why did you write this note. I don't. Do. Three square meals a day as supply of diapers as I have a small monkey named Chauncey that I must care for now turn the camera does them easier and I think 33 year old schism 33 years old and human years but according to my sexual charts and over 200 years old is your guy this guy what a dummy. Only healthy couples plus is an odd you know what I'm broke I need to get weighed on its final missed connections. Answer your paper meet a lab like. And take care mammoth YouTube don't forget now. Let me be the best leather slave to you find me and let me I want you to be my master of disguise really weird you used to be a doctor. It's not a doctor in the house at a Monterrey you. By an average to its. Take a chance to miss connection and kiss FM to Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.