Missed Connections - McGillicuddy's Madness

Tuesday, July 17th

If you were at McGillicuddy's over the weekend, this Missed Connection might be about you.

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Rigs and now they re whiny. And heard where would you noon you know. Player as a NASCAR guerra. That was the third here it's a third gear de Niro yeah. Yeah she. This one had a regular caddies to mail for a female of course he says which by the way given does that mean Gillick that is over the weekend yeah. And he may have witnessed this one season. We were both drinking Beers and Gillick caddies you are the kind of girl that just said whatever came here mines. Alley was this team. No but it sounds like my spirit animals you send lobbed her you said he we're having lady is used so you into the bathroom come on you came back and told me I had black beans and nineties he also made fun of how greasy my forehead was. I walked out deer car where we made out and then you've got sick right next to me on my issues. Your friend ended up taking you home. He needs only to never call you but then he started making Alec Megan before you left when I was confused but turnout at the same time to put him at the hell you name is Monica near from Mac one have to if you read this and please contact me I love how you can and classic gal now you threw out lover already. Her yes that may be your spirit at all you give how many keep gone back. Steve Nash is that it did that on T I was and he stood at a fork river show up unknown. And in other than Obama's connection that's disgusting. Rigs in LA it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.