Missed Connections - The Hitchhiking Hottie

Friday, July 13th

If you're a dude who recent had a tryst with a man who was hitchhiking, today's Missed Connection just might be about you.

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I didn't do. Everybody in the third. Friday the thirteenth I. Do my tradition. Every Friday the thirteenth that run under a latter break in the air and drop kick the black cat dog every single level right. It's for deadlock deadlocked since this connection this one involves a hitchhiker in a flashlight. Night. Parents of those guys that somehow I'm not currently scenario that says I'm looking for a hitchhiker always mail for male named Tony. We met a couple months ago at a bar near Racine it was a bar that I just don't remember the name he said he needed a ride to Gurney. Which just announced it. We hit it off so instead of dropping you off site to keep a pleasure town whoa high paying long story short we well tonight and at all. He's a future there is this a long story short we danced the night away. If we made love for even longer just to let you know you left your flashlight in my apartment. It sits on my singular reminds me of you daily function you can never let a man who travel with such a large flashlight and let's just say that it's stirred up something in knowing that it only enemies would understand yeah. Get your flashlight before I Wear it out beyond repair what is he gonna do with a flashlight that I don't think you should respond to this this I think there's a yeah. I don't know that flash I was used for but it's disgusting it's been another terrifying interactions I don't know yeah. He is it clean and Matthew Marie Claire. I wish crews. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.