Missed Connections - The Gym Creeper

Wednesday, March 14th

This SUPER creepy guy at the gym is looking to find a lady that he lusts for. Listen and see if you can help with his Missed Connections!


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She missed it the first time. And Ellie rewind. An era. Campaign. And again it's a rhetorical hey please. Honestly as I loved watching you take sell these at the GM it's a male for a female not god she's in the Celtic gorilla to Jim maybe this is you see everywhere yeah. As you work out so hard it might G Eminem tee shot to approaching because I fear rejection. You always look at me and I thought you might be interested. I have a great body so maybe that's what you can and god I always warehouse and Marquette attire. Get over yourself don't worry about private parts match my body. Very impressed. Any guide it says that the small on the new norms and not bragging speaking the truth. You win or very tight booty shorts all the time in your always self via your face and Josh she's. I may not matter how much fun. I'm excited when you start taking yourself is and it's not easy for me to run on the treadmill when I'm standing at full attention if you let me. I try wonder why women don't wanna go to the right side I was I try to find you on the Jim FaceBook page and I don't like. Knowing that it's likely appear he it's worse Sally ignited the Jim wouldn't give it to me either. I have a hard time going up to pretty girls like yourself and person whom. Well I feel more comfortable behind a computer that you germ freak out once I'm comfortable with the girl the beast comes out. I think and I I didn't mean to be. Actually does that I have a great body but I'm I'm a horrible personality that's why I'm on Craigslist writing you this right now maybe the bees can takes himself he's with you. Anyone have focused on their body does that much going on up here we don't think there's only with the south Figueroa the gem may be hit it isn't meathead. If you do this or does it premiered jacked up brained it kind of incredibly crazy miss connection Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.