Missed Connections - The Ghost Of GF Past

Monday, January 22nd

Help this guy out! He saw a lady who looked EXACTLY like his recently-deceased girlfriend, but didn't say anything to her! Now he's reached out to Missed Connections from Craigslist in the hopes of finding her!


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She missed it the first time. You just can't. Believe it or not people still use Craigslist yeah. We go there for the free section in the missed connections section which is where you go hey. I think you found love but she didn't so you put a little note on Craigslist like this tell what you found love and hopeless place and Greg left. I goods and it'll first female agents titled god placed you in Wal-Mart it's. Are you aware that Burnett picking out your panties at the Wal-Mart near silver spring I mean come on I had I was shocked when I saw you not because you were picking up pennies. But it gives you look just like my dad girlfriend or. She died a few years back in you literally are spitting image of car. I didn't say anything because I was so caught off guard. He didn't have a ring on so I know you're not married but I'd love to buy you lunch or coffee I feel like god is giving the second chance like placing you in my life and for the record. Yeah a great taste and yeah. The fish is afraid that Wal-Mart when we showed the world OK please. You can please respond ghost of my ex girlfriend in this connection right there who don't respond on a regular Wal-Mart. Pretty long look ahead now and I. To negotiate their panties. Riggs and Elliott breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.