Missed Connections - Game Of Thrones Swingers

Thursday, July 19th

There's a lovely couple looking for someone to get filthy, creepy and weird with while they watch Game of Thrones. What a lovely Missed Connection!

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Riggs and Elliott rewind. Like you are. Here the younger grades but come on trailer here on the right now the banks are ask and come on man to letter was shut her. It's. Is propane field. Shower I on the gas this is a missed connections that happened involving the game of the rounds. We familiar with the show and HBO with the dragons are economists have now more on his game thrown to test system says it's a couple seeking Paul. We're looking for anybody who's and a swinging and show game of their own desperate yeah. Anybody where a group of late forties wingers who are huge fans of game of the rounds we incorporate the show into our sexual life and play. It's a world of illusion and sensuality. And we need someone to play and again to and we need someone to play McCain. The cook and we also need someone to Wear dragon costume because yes it's necessary in the rolled we'll take it it to you yeah. So I would just weren't dragon envoy on the corner that's great we're looking for people in their forties and fifties to write this record no I didn't wish to create and how hollow. And here's an offer up a hair dye for anyone who wants to look more youthful. This diets for beards and head in your head of hair. Obama got. Please hit a seven let us now before the season finale happens next year. We need to make this happen please in the knocks us so please your sanity in the throes viewing it down with these creep does. And I. Game of Rowling's. He's creep closer and secondly it who gets to the dragon and you just saw they slept let the states that they have open it now threatening enrollment. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.