Missed Connections - Flapjack Fiasco

Friday, January 12th

Help connect these lovers who had a Missed Connection at George Webb! It got sticky!!!


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Rigs and Ali rewind miss K. Aside from. The actor. And editing chemist and say anything to you in person now now I went on Craig's list to the missed connections section. As it happens to be a lady for a lady it's a female seeking a female. She says you were sitting at the George web eating flap jacks so huh huh huh huh. You spilt syrup on your left bosom I know. And it's a thought that every played over and over again besides I guess you could say you just a flap Jack on your flap Jack. I was drunk with whiskey and aggressions like chose to stay quiet that night. The lady is under control but there's simply don't think quiet. He's under control of the so there's no need to worry about that and which would call a lipstick lesbian who basically acts like a tomboy. But believe me I can outsmart any man out of any room for the most girls are indeed resigning now grossed out movies girl power and limited by me it's a woman Allen. Most girls are intimidated by police is a woman to a woman yeah. I've been single for awhile highlight the you don't care that you had visible facial hair on your offer was OK really. Come on I like my women to be hairy and rough around the edges. I say I like him they're gonna and a woman she teed it was just me. Tell me what Jordan whether you were rats I know you have that I can make you a lesbian even if you don't like barrels but she's committed to hide there. This is minute let me examine the election that somebody gave me an Omega 300. Left. The candidate flap jacks up my clock Jack Smith can actually the funny clinical. Kiss FM rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.