Missed Connections - Crazy Cat Lady

Friday, January 19th

Please help this crazy cat lady find her Missed Connection so she doesn't get stuck with all her felines!


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This is rigs and Ellie rewind a man. Fourteen point three target dirty give us. The equipment that's dirty people live in the missed connections section of Craig's list. As letting go they're looking for love birthday friend is somebody in their. Message in the bottle demons can you now on the background to the some place only in her fifties this Wednesday disaster and the cat lady looking for love. She says I'm gonna die a lonely cat lady if I'm not careful that's right that's. That's why among Craigslist. I'm not looking for a quick fixing them looking for a relationship I. They are my children. In them and make cleaning NASA and the love I have for my can. Feel like I'm part feline. I need a serious cat lover in my life most men run when they're in my apartment and have the overwhelming smell of cat letter from. I'm in search of the gentry can get pass the smell of cat caught yeah my soul mate. Yeah I can't guarantee BC reality you can cheat he's a status. As quickly. I just don't just look and see eye again if you're a cat lover like me I'm your. Yeah. It was eleven cars and purses and I. Benet pussycat disconnect us think it was cancer. Franklin Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.