Missed Connections - The Cougar Hunter

Wednesday, May 23rd

This fella recognized an older woman's "sad whistle" and is now trying to ignite the flame to see if she's down to get creepy.

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Re wines. Hello. Never mind. Imagine Haeger out. If I could tell me. Do know that not only on how. This is a mail for a female as most missed connections are. He says you were sad whistle and while walking through the economy watch Kmart and not the answer there is one up there and I didn't. Who you have red hair and many liver spots. I'm guessing here at least 25 to 35 years older than me. I've always love older more mature women some color to finish. I just college something erotic thing gets my juices flowing. My psychiatrist tells me that my wires in my brain or a little crossed up. And it's not so healthy but she says that's why haven't craving for elderly relations. Either way I wanted to be I'd documented mental health. You seem sad walking alone TTJ Maxx and Kmart. I can relate because I'm quite sad myself I know it's sad whistle when I hear one. Please respond before I die of loneliness what does that whistle sounds like Palestinian gonna give mere idea what is on thanked. Well I yeah. I did Chevy. He's also had a role playing and humiliation immature women so reach out to disguise your interest in Kmart whistler. This has been another creepy quit Salinas connection. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a Dem dot com.