Missed Connections - Cell Tower Guys

Thursday, September 13th

This lady is looking for the fellas she saw high above on a cell tower. Check out the Missed Connection.

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And only rely. In case you missed it the first time it's. It's. If you just. Stroke and I was like Obama buzz Killington. This one says sell to our guys is the title of this miss connections so apparently this happened around insults counseled tower area and then. No numbers were exchanged so latest went directly Craig's list. And a woman for a man or men sought. She says. South can turn you on yeah. Solid she's dead stop and I checked suck it. This is for the cell tower guys I was chilled with last night in Tino cynical notions. Your friend was climbing the tower which was dancing crazy I remember we were joking about how high he was gonna tell you about my love for we'd. When your friend got down we all hung out for a good half hour that we went in the back of his truck and made out tilts wanna hang out again but it didn't catch your number. I don't really want a relationship I was just wondering if we're serious about it discount on my cell phone bills. Seriously if you follow through on that maybe outlets and it may BL OGC night there's again. And it's have you but I don't wired does not have my telephone. Not male and a half an hour show him. And you're rapid. It's in some respects the sums this is and its failure to provide the cell phone bill I don't know I didn't pay them bills and I guess it's. Is that another creep in this connection happen at a cellphone tower. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.