Missed Connections - The Blackout Tattoo

Thursday, February 22nd

Ever wake up out of a blackout with someone's name tattooed on you? Well, this person did and now they're reaching out to Missed Connections to try to figure out who Glen is!


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And only rely. In case you missed it the first time the this girl. I saw you on public thinks the idea so I wrote something on Craigslist like a weird it's just wanted to say male seeking answers. So please tell. That I there I was at a party last weekend in white station Baja. It's a matter on this is all I remember is making Alison not so hot lanky blonde girl fails to remember going to a gas station with her at some point but that's all I remember. Long story short I woke up the next morning with a tattoo on my arm that says Glenn doesn't buy the book. I don't remember doing this and all I don't knowing Glenn nor have I ever known glands so I find it odd that I got tattooed on my arm the name's Glenn. And plans to do it by the bush. None of my friends remembered seeing me leave this party and I can't find the link you blonde girl anyway it's the truth yes that was black got drugs and it makes when the memory loss. If anybody knows how or lag and Glenn debt to please respond or maybe you are glad he's here and maybe some more new radical new Yorker article. What is this is Glenn doesn't buy them. Well I'm Craig. It's actually okay I hate us trying to find a normal people on Craigslist Alley it's not gonna happen here riots another crew really. It's creeping Glenn Ted did miss connection. It doesn't by the violence. Rigs in LA it's rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.