Missed Connections - Bearded Clam Dress

Tuesday, April 24th

Ever wonder what a bearded dude in a cocktail dress looks for in a mate? Well, this Missed Connection will clue you in!


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Riggs and Elliott rewind. And action you're paying you're on your own I had stopped responding to my. Their rhetorical here. This connection guys I know. My fear part is reading these creep us around here is people go there and I think they found love and like maybe some little we dismiss connection this one as a male seeking a male. An east title that I may have a beard but I look sexy in a cocktail clam dress. Since the mail for male you were in the parking lot of home goods. You had a word this sexiest ginger I've ever seen I love home goods by the way but continue. My first question obviously was does the curtains match the drapes you come on I'm married but my wife understands and I need my man fix every now and then. I would love to get you a private dance I know I look like them some macho man that's not the case and the burly bearded man who likes to be treated like a proceed princess. I may have in the years that I look in six years now and cocktail clam dress. Don't front like she's got at least bisexual from the I invite you gave me it was so hot that I had to take a cold shower and I got to solve. I have a System of a Down tat you tell me what are not a body it's on slide over if she just before the before you were totally just. Call me. If you wish to evaluate our ideas what I see him wearing has got to address for that system of downtown. And what I'm gonna not terribly seriously going I'm. Is that a crede missed connection rigs in LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.