Missed Connections - Arts and Crafts Queen

Wednesday, February 21st

Arts & crafts can get hot & heavy, y'all!! You can help this Missed Connection find love in a hopeless place!


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Re wines. See you on CL Craig's list for the Milwaukee I. It's when you clo Machida announced the colonies to have Tennessee just write something on Craig's list this one caught my attention it was a male for a female but possibly mail. Arts and crafts quiz let's title. Says you with a gorgeous redhead in the yarns section of Joann fabrics. I was there with my grandmother for a quilting classes before but with so stricken with your beauty that I had to leave old grand grand behind. What are you knitting. That's a scarf submissions. Maybe you can make a nice Afghan and we can use it to a cuddle up with some unique time and I'm handy with a ball of yarn needles. Appreciate you are heavier woman or a burly man I don't care either way that they thought that's what I live with my grandmother and she's usually asleep super early. So we'd have plenty of time to explore in the basement if you could pick a let's vignettes together. That's sexy man. Seven to get it in the level arts and crafts and then this is their name in this he had missed. You know can happen adjoins average man. And a lot can happen anywhere from rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.