Missed Connections - Anything Goes In The Third Ward

Friday, July 20th

If you recently had a romantic run-in in the Third Ward, today's Missed Connection could very well be about you!

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This is a three. Finale rewind. Hi good. I your volume though. Absolutely. He missed a German France and Germany right now. Missed connections happen on Craig's list. Do you think you found someone in public but she didn't say anything until he ran on Craig list. This hasn't nailed for a male of the bunker I have to mail for a male is this to the guy in the third ward. Have you had this done do you learn and you were walking your dog in the third ward you can't be any older than 21 maybe 23 to look just like Michael Sera. Ever Michael's your amendment. We'll see what this CC RA yes it from the analysts are bad and you'll probably just didn't see his you know Jack yeah. I know there are Joe Banner. Headline. I always love the long pale lanky tonight I mean that as a compliment. I can tell you where gang violence on the gut talks I want to offer you up and anything goes days. This means it high risk times I knew you were okay for you. Add this means he responded as analysts you do whatever you want anything goes that he ever had your toes sucked twelfth having chocolate on them boom. We'll drive you bunkers have you ever had a statue or massage but it will release your pain have you ever had your bottom cheeks tickled with clocks Turkey feathers. Will calm you. Well if you're intrigued to respond ASAP I have many fantasies and I'm more curious about viewers. Today yup you're walking your dog and now third ward and you may or may not be engaged if this guy after he's Democrat Gloria after I hate you know I look at it now as it gets out here. He's got a queer eye system. Reason Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.