Missed Connection - Down With The Devil's Lettuce

Friday, April 20th

Help this dude find his 4/20 friendly pal. Love can come in the strangest of ways.


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Rigs and Alley rewind. Back now. It's tiring it's not free. It's a rhetorical paint girl you share. These guys go on Craigslist I think they see somebody and they don't talk Tillman purses and if you put a little personal ad on Craigslist or creepy Alexandra B day. Here's what it's a male seeking a male. We talked about what we'd we would grow if it was legal. He said that we talked about different types of weed for a way to jury revolt in the waiting line in Home Depot cut. Where the very cute man standing behind mean you're actually a borderline between which totally makes me salivating and no influence if I'm scared to ask. Hey let's let Kevin Smith he said do you smell like weed and attempted to smell me I noticed you licking your lips several times while we were talking you were kind of like a white LL cool I said chapped lips. She's relieved he was like oh cool gentleman a young man in his late teens to early twenties whose. Yeah they don't I look. I thought you were here so gorgeous. But I told my old lady with the head mail lady with me so I had to keep lusting my lusting to a minimum. My life has no idea that many guys yeah you'd think she would or not. I've gotten she wouldn't be cool with a sitting out but I am great at keeping secrets and very fortunately friendly and would love to smoke in Pope with the U. Tell me what Home Depot we were rats I know it's yields I discovered it did he not on as one man with another. That I'd ever say anything that I discovered that I. That maybe it was I heard that this happens more often they can't I have probably it is so weird this NA probably gave his connection. Do you tell your life come to terms of that program Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.