#MENtalHealthMonday - Part 1 of 4 - Farmers Have Feelings: Mental Health and the Agriculture Industry

Monday, February 3rd

The first of a four part series dedicated to farmers, the agriculture business, and mental health.  Did you know that farming has one of the highest on the job suicide rates?  In this first episode I spoke with Randy Roecker, a farmer from Loganville, Wisconsin who has felt the despair from the pressures and stress of the farming industry.  What led him to that, how he turned the suicide of his neighboring farmer into a movement that helps out other farmers in need.  You'll also meet Dan Poulson - a second generation farmer from Palmyra, Wisconsin who has been an outspoken advocate for farmer's mental health, and former President of the board for the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.  This Febuary is all about farmers - Farmers have feelings too, you know.