MENtal Health Monday - Websites targeted at MEN and their mental health

Monday, July 16th

We thought THIS  was the only mental health resource dedicated to MEN - but did you know there are two websites? and - one of them uses humor with their spokesperson, a "Dr. Rich Mohogany" - and the other is more information based - but both are dedicated to getting MEN to talk about their mental health.  Pretty cool stories about how these MENtal health websites came to be...

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Mental health Monday as an information on podcasts and should not be used to replace the specialized training and professional judgment of healthcare or mental health care professional until Monday can't be a responsible for the use of the information provided. Please always consult a trained mental health professional before making any decision regarding treatment of yourself or others self help information and podcasts and information on the Internet is useful but it's not always a substitute for professional assistance unless otherwise noted guests of mental Monday enough doctors are licensed and anyway our hopes to make the connection with you and be more open and honest about everyone's mental health into the pot can. Hey thanks for checking out another rigs off the radio podcasts and other mental health Monday aimed mental health podcast targeted towards mend his manner terrible talking about their feelings and this week. There's something directly for the man obviously anybody can listen to anybody can get something out of mental health Monday. I'm talking to the men specifically this week. Two web sites targeted towards men and their mental health one is called heads up guys dot org. Based out of British Columbia Canada the other is man therapy dot org. Based out of Colorado Denver there's a lot of reasons why men don't talk about their mental health. Men just ask for help differently men are much more likely to accept help when there's a chance of reciprocity from the means. When they perceive an opportunity to help the other person and return. This deflects the natural male feelings of weakness that are associated with asking for help and matter also sixers have talked about this before men try to fix things they won an immediate. Six we don't like the process. You know every week and talk to somebody I got to take his medication every day this is our fault it's all right to talk to somebody it is OK to take medication doesn't make you any weak your hate. If you had liver problems would you take medication if you had a heart issues would you take medication for your heart. Why wouldn't take medication to help your brain if your brain was sick it just makes it's meant it also expressed mental health problems differently which leads to miss or under diagnosis is a man like that downplay things. I'm not really that sad. Really that anxious all the time I mean a little bit but guys downplay everything and don't do it just be honest and open about how you're feeling another reason men don't talk about mental health is because awareness strategies are not targeted well towards men and that's where these two web sites coming today. First off we'll talk about a website called man therapy dot toward their spokesperson is a doctor rich mahogany who says stuff like this motion rim. Think they should ensure their feelings or emotions and personal problems that they're afraid of being made on. Referred to is apparently there are their friends. Now there are a lot of great demand should never do act. Slap fight Tony man's. Skip. Breaking a sweat on the elliptical machine. Of course referring to runs in baseball. I. Us backed. Being open and honest approach to life in problems with your friends and relatives that is one of at least un manly things in many moons ago. Share way gentlemen. Doctor rich mahogany. Is as man apparently. Going to check it out liar listening to the podcast so let's bring to mental health Monday. Jared Indonesian he's the deputy chief of violence and injury prevention for mental health promotion range in Denver Colorado. It's a mouthful but Jared. What you actually do now you work for the state of Colorado writes yep. Work for the state of Colorado for ten years of my career here I directed the car offices have prevention. And I just shifted its position. And so now the deputy chief of the branch does that offer to Palestinians the week. So mass therapy. After the beginning you know started talking about it it's beginning to watch took over the state office assistant prevention. So this is gonna throw about ten years in the making ten years since the inception. Here we did is now we lost it took a few years to get you know research done and frontrunner to launch a web site that we really started talking about it right around. 2007 or 2008. Is there reason he decided to start a man therapy website. There is gas so right when it started as the director the opposite Seth prevention I have this little tiny part of silence from a annual fundraisers. That took place and Denver and it was discretionary and so it's just talking to my boss at the time. You know hurt her direction to me it was too long don't you just a look at finds some tennis and try to fill a gap without exercising and look at the data it was very obvious and it still obvious today is that one of the major gaps we have in this field assistants mentioned is that. The burden for suicide deaths are carries by Manhattan mostly in medical working age and so we've classified as it is. Men ages 25 to 64 to ten and quite quite frankly. Before man's therapy there was. Essentially nothing specifically designed for management hey we've got China and so this what's what's figure something out because we're we are airing. It has not trying to do something with a group of people that its accounts for the most suicides every year power out. I'm glad you thought about that was my same. Kind of brain process when I started this podcast mental health money I capitalize the men and mental because I think that men are sometimes the worse is talking about your feelings anxiety depression eating disorders bipolar disorder all these sees it it it affects men as much as is as women. I think sometimes men get the feeling of all let's anxiety just checks can get anxiety I don't have anxiety W. Absolutely that's absolutely angle we took an ant man therapy. Because of that has really more from assists about prevention project to a broader. Man's mental outlook Wallace. Concept of project. All right so man's therapy has evolved from a suicide prevention website into now what exactly. You know we we now consider it all encompassing we have three primary goals. For man therapy the first is to change social norms around how men. Think about their mental. And so as you just described it to shift from old. If I have anxiety that's meant that that may seem more chick like Ukraine this makes new leads or ties. Yeah I'm we can't or are not as best goodness man. So as I should be based on how we've defined what masculinity means in our society so we really want to shift that has from that frames to the frame out. They'd be the best man that I can be I mean to beat out and physically. Mentally spiritually so that means I'm struggling with sleep or stress or anger depressions. I'm not quite demanding need to be and so tips to beat out in all areas. Is what makes me manly man and so that's that's a social norms peace. The second piece is probably the most important piece initially for man therapies that we really want empowerment. To take ownership of their mental health and so not just that seeing that. OK I believe in the social norms that actually take action sulphide. Struggling asleep or drinking too much or feeling depressed or suicidal that it's. That that I have the capacity as a man to do something about it yeah. And in the third and the long term goal from hand therapy is really about what we would love to see eventually as a reduction in the suicide rate particularly among pitchman. But we know that's a long term call that's a big shift to make. Let's like trying to change the twenty veterans a day that that lose their lives from suicide note that. Correct it's very difficult task it's a task that were up to and we feel really strongly about but these initial steps we know have to come first. This talk about doctor rich mahogany he's the that he's an actor I guess that works and out of side Denver. Yes he's a gender based actor he actually lives up in the mountains now Iran announced a bar and restaurant here but yeah we discovered him at a Denver theater. Doctor rich mahogany obviously not a real doctor but he is like a cross between I would say Ron Burgundy. Portrayed by Will Ferrell in the anchorman movies and Ron Swanson from parks and rack played by nick offerman both with fantastic mustache is much like. Doctor rich mahogany right. Yeah which had a to take that Tony and that's that's really through our my primary partner on map therapy which is an advertising agency in Denver called captaincy. They did a great job of finding. After that place doctors Martinique and writing his scripts and really Framingham and and a win is engaging in terms for visitors to the web site. I think he has frame it perfectly because it has the perfect amount of humor because you'll have an instance where we just sit down with a cooler and start gutting fish on the web site. Or it on the and then you can get to the series four arrests other is one aspect we can take some sort of a tough test and it comes out with your results and what you do and the obvious it would be funny but when there's something that serious how do you carry a series Tony as well. Yeah I was really it was a challenge particularly when we were developing this website because we took it. From a suicide prevention starting place it was. It was a really big risks from BSS state employees and as a professional and suicide prevention and aren't in my nonprofit partners who ran. Denver based nonprofit to use humor. And that's suicide prevention web site that. That's never been done before we knew it was a risk is really hurt the most important component of developing this website was to ensure. That doctor mahogany took the proper level. Levity and seriousness. When in the conversation gets serious and so the most the most critical point to that is when when you complete the twenty point had inspection. It's feeds one of three videos the first videos hey everything's seems to be gone well keep up the great work he brother. The second one as well you seem to be doing okay but there are few areas where. Where I think you could probably dig a little bit and and make some improvements in certain wanna like hey man I'm worried about you. I think you need to address this right now here's Ers resource is where you can talk to somebody right this minute and that videos Dejuan. Where he takes a very serious count him and honestly they they did a great job right script. And after did a great job of performing. The Websense is so very well done it's very fast I mean where it what are your plans to go from here I mean I would give you've covered so many covered anxiety depression there's divorce. Addiction is all on there where do you guys plan to go with the next is kind of keep adding contents. Yeah honestly we keep adding contents or targeting. Specific parts of the web site or specific term. Advertising or collateral development first to a specific populations so than last year for example. We have created some specific collateral for veterans and military populations. We also do its specific collateral for first responders such fire. Police. And Ian. EMS providers easy and the reason we had a wee weed at a specific content for those two specific populations is because those are high risk industries those populations that are at an increased risk pursue the side as you mentioned earlier veterans. Most recently we added to its specific contents for primary care physicians so we are trying to get primary care doctors. To refer their mail client to man therapy and the reason we did that is because the data tells us. That men are more likely to see their primary care doc. When they're struggling or something including emotional issues in the article C a mental health professional so I think there are good connection. And that's sort of an up and express our industries like construction and I think that's probably where when I don't tax cut again that's another Irish group. Heads up guys is another man's head men's Metall website that I've run across this that a British Columbia and Canada. And I share first mill with them it's another good one but grabbed yours and theirs are the only two that scene are there other any other specifically men targeted resources out there. You know not that's a resource necessarily but I think it's raised awareness and a beautiful way is the most member. Work my son if you're familiar to government they are fundraising organization but the marketing in the way they've done their approach is. Since I love it because it's it's similar demand therapy and it really embraces that notion of manhood. To grow and at the mustache in the facial hair for the month. Yep that's right and on the other thing I'll mention is that firm. In 2013 after we launch manned therapy an organization in Australia. Can't land of our web site and we partnered with them and they actually created an Australian version of man therapy did you really. Yeah and it went really strong for a couple years and quite frankly I don't know it's still active but for a while they did very. Extensive campaigning in the attic budget to advertise. And so they actually had great success and Australia getting the message out. Less up man therapy that whole campaign and Denver's what it looks like with billboards and with doctor rich mahogany and all of them something else to continue to do. It is yes our biggest challenge right now quite frankly is funding and so we went we have available funds we will do whatever advertising we can make. Adjustments and additions to the web site and so we have. A 32 TV spot that we did we have several radio spot there's bill board senators online banners we have bus shelter that's if things like drink coasters and business cards and all kinds of fun stuff. Is there plans to bring this outside of Denver and put and other larger metropolitan areas. Yep absolutely the cool thing about man therapy of course it's available to anybody and we've had visitors from all fifty states and from fifty or more countries across the world. We also have some states who have licensed man therapy for a small. To the web site better resource is that there are specific for that state. So there was a Wisconsin you would do talking about cheese and beer and brats and. Have really knew we would it yet and we would give Wisconsin partners access to all of the collateral that we've developed over the years actually. For a couple of years Wisconsin was a licensee. Through I think it was an army Wisconsin who we partner with it ran man therapy in a few counties announced that for them again it was like like for us it was a funding challenge to keep the don't. Yeah I'm so he can anybody donating that's your cause opened going as their way the continue to raise funds. Yup there's a donate button on a web site term and then any any state or city or county that would be interested in bringing man therapy. There's also contact information at the web site were always happy to have. Do whatever we can to ensure that that we equipped communities with the tools to implement it successfully. Awesome Jared from man therapy dot org thanks a lot for coming on the podcast today appreciate all the you do for a mental health and for men's mental health yeah my thanks so much opportunity candy intake of the website the man therapy. Dot board. Man therapy uses humor to get their point across demand because. Humor works best with a man when talking about mental health especially dark humor. There is another website dedicated the men's mental health it takes more serious approach but still gets the point across. Heads up guys dot org. This is a website started in British Columbia Canada it's also been a great resource for men to get information about their mental health specifically. Depression. So I talked to Josh hairy one of the founders and developers for heads up guys dot org. My next guest from mental health Monday what inspired you to help start heads up guys dot or. A military action after. The call for proposals from November. Different if at all. The November had a actually very mental aspect of projects. Often in November foundation where people throughout their mustaches during the month of November from until we certainly think amends LT think of what prostate cancer and you never thank kind of mental health gets kind of shoved it aside. Apple November they've got advancement of approval on. Just turning your mark and what that matter the campaign now. Definite political proposals and our projects this submission that we actually. We've got. Original photographs so that the the president says. I your background is in computers. Yet I have possibly the difference for them. From the university of British want it to where Phillips is actually that's. Right you get there based out of Canada comment. How did you go from computers to have being kind of overseeing this men's mental health website for men with depression. Well there's. And divided pretty illegitimate cloth. That it might. Where I was. As a very direct program that much. Fair to have some problems affectionate well. Oh last finishing up my degree it served as a volunteer work. Or medical groups like campus. And I just wish to do things like web design. Social media. This position come up and it was where. Packaging. The mental outlook. That's sort of merged with my my interest well. Eighty noticed an influx of guys that are reaching out since this website has been out there have men reached out that haven't may be looked for help in the past and you found your website and thought hey this is great now I'm looking for help. Deficit. I wouldn't say that that really well without overt. I just look at effective at this point over 600000. There's that he's been lodged with the self check what is it modified depression screens or they're sold out the door 80000. 80000 times there's still that out. Yes and we don't worry your audience here because we look at the scores. But the averages. Are kind of like about let. If you political talk about facilities to be for an answer that question. Now you mentioned earlier the U struggle with depression and your college years. What did you do to reach out for help when you are struggling with depression. Wolf Sherlock summit in recent results right most guys don't the public actually. Pay after. Affair. Like a few months I know it was my mood what happened out. Nobody really don't know. So it is sort of a non partisan with something I. Hopefully if there is broken and opened with a sort of figured that my count. Fact relative to go where I could hide the network that was his penalty. Just. Suffers every stoke. Really universe it actually. There's nothing services. Public. The same equipment that would help. It he's just a little that the legacy of a family doctor. I ended up going. Looked outpatient clinic across. That would hospital here. But basically just so. That once a week further the process. That's it in Batman asserted. Antidepressants. And they chemical. Let let us and we're working on nicely this particular principal problem and violate. The Taylor went completely dark and pretty much. As we haven't got any exercise itself. Just start slowly back almost. What do you think that men are so reluctant to ask for help I ask everybody this and I'm dissenters to get your take on why you think men are so reluctant. The reach out you like you said you put you brush it off yourself you brushing aside he thought you were okay they can handle and on your own and a lot of guys do this they wanna do that then when it admits a weakness. We think the reasons. I think there are a lot of second term assault statement. I don't want except capital. If that figures out of my that was. But obviously it's important not because sort of sort of in out political one solution even basic. It was depression. The knowledge that it is the depression. But once that are pretty you know I mean. Your website. Heads up guys dot org. It's is it mostly senate towards guys with just depression. Yeah right out of status for the development with depression. Which I liked it because there's so many different mental illnesses between anxiety and eating disorders and bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. And he's coolly focused just on depression. Yeah oil and it's but yearly allotment literary content that is person. That they are indeed it's kind of information I looked at just under pressure. Is there a plan to expand the website or make other ones that did focus on other things like eating disorders are obsessive compulsive disorders or anxiety disorders. Something we talked about them. Much of it in the plan is quite yet. Something you discussed them. Com we'll go ahead and mention the fund raiser that you guys doing for the sweats I could think it's a great website that mentioned visits in at least check out. And if they feel they need to what is the fun can you explain what the fund raiser is for with the money goes towards. Fair amount of June and July. Local talent and impact their business owners of 1%. That's a tough to match all the nations of 200000 dollars. So the much of 100000 dollar donation. If you want it a lot about politics yes. Or pass it right about now certainly didn't match it is yet they're backed up 200. They agree with what some of it Amazon. What is the Stanley's. Relationship with is that it is a relation with mental health still you know some of the Los elect a suicide who have wanted to how Landis a passionate. Just unlocked the a personal connection to their mental and that they wanted to really make a difference himself. Now if I was in the data extension. They're great. Fully supportive of our group and they're also hoping it is a promotion if the words for the fundraisers as well so there really wants it reached that in and of course. Tour and what does this money go towards that you guys are raising will be using the funds for. If I'm basically good news sending electrical excited and also on has. Each up more so region known Chris from November. Of last year. So. As of now we just six just. All the permissions there's like basic funding to although there's that if you go out. But it also is that. I look there is based in Canada but mostly right now is that. What they're visitors or front pad that he and you know less of Australia. So like later in this country is over also lacks. Other major in this because such and so. It has been like visitors them. India Pakistan Philippines. For a few other nations of South Africa will also wants to reject those are sort of areas of the market well. Just be hearing from heads up guys dot org is the website at Seau men's mental health website for guys with depression I encourage you to check it out Anchorage and ask for help if you feel like you're struggling with depression there's always a many listening I think this website is a great place to get some information. He can trilogy around depression and see how severe an ounce and here it is in easing the resources where he can find help Josh thanks for coming on the show there really appreciate your time. I appreciate league as a do informant in mental health I think it's great sense of keeping up this. Hey thanks for checking out another mental health Monday. Highs always seeking to reach out if you want you. Who share your story out months off Monday have an idea for a topic or suggestion please rigs radioed got him to ease the name of the website you can go there we can message me from their email me whenever. He can find. Again the web sites man therapy dot org and heads up the guy's got scored two awesome mental health resources for men. Tell you next week and another episode of mental health Monday. Have an awesome rescue weekday afternoon game morning whatever you're doing and remember that your life decisions.