MENtal Health Monday - The war injury that never goes away, Veterans managing PTSD positively.

Monday, June 18th

We're not doctors, we're just dudes talking about PTSD. Once you leave the war, sometimes its hard for the war to leave you.  Millions of Veterans struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and with it comes an assortment of other mental struggles.  This week we talk to two veterans who have personally battled with their mental health and both done so using similar positive methods, that being physical fitness.  Owner and founder of 22Fitness Dan Newberry, and Certified Personal Trainer Joe Talatzko of the WAC Greenfield both had some candid converations with me about what they've been through.  

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And upcoming episodes talking to some awesome people and that's the F chief clinical officer for Rogers behavioral health we break down things like obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety. Well another doctor on the breakdown depression. Eating disorders all sorts of things that affects not just everybody but men in the mental health field silent Ford having those and future episodes of mental health Monday. And as always if you ever like to be guessed he knows somebody who could be yes and if you like to share your story. We give a lot of people on each other stores and mental health money they think it's all about sharing stories. And also giving some information and some resources. Some solutions as well. Always reach out to me it's my website as rigs radio dot MD and as a contact page you can send me email through there. This week we're talking to two veteran friends of mine jolt teen who is a trainer at the whacking Greenfield. Serve in the army has dealt with some PT EST anxiety depression end and even some other issues that he's never really opened up about. Until today I'm mental health Monday we'll talk to him in a few Dan Newberry the stamina to probably met in a previous contest for Father's Day Dan has served in the army as well and is as hit that his battles as well with depression and anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder to veterans on the podcasts and and now you don't have to be a veteran to have PT SD although those two were pretty synonymous with one another veterans and PT EST anyone who has suffered a severe traumatic life event something very jarring in the visceral and suffer from PT EST anyone who was a victim of domestic violence and rape sexual assault physical abuse tragic life events like a car accident and natural disaster god forbid a terrorist attack maybe a sudden death in the family. Emergency first responders can have PT SD as well. Children who were neglected or abused. Anybody can have posttraumatic stress disorder. Some of the symptoms can be panic attacks physical symptoms feeling in this trust anger substance abuse relationship problems. It's incredibly complex so I figured we talked to a couple people who've tackled it. Head this week for mental health Monday six. Eighteen million Americans are affected by post traumatic stress disorder you're not alone. And there's always somebody can reach out to and help there's tons of resources online I would recommend mental health America dot net I think it's a great website with a lot of awesome resources that's where I get a lot of my information and find a lot of the guests. Mental health Monday. And if you ever feel like you're in crisis and need help there's always somebody listening the national suicide prevention lifeline is 1800. 273. 1855. And if you're too shy about calling you can always text below. To 74174. Wildly that number a couple of times importantly that just a case that started January get in a mental health Monday. Now he served in the army for how long now. So how almost they are sizzling eight years and now. And years any amounts of what I am not really didn't map the thickness I had a mouse slowly the errors silly SO our aggression or wherever entry. Did two tours in Iraq so when you came back. You were one of the boat veterans that has suddenly famous PT yes yes yes he'll infamous PT EST yes the ever the never ending. I injury that that is the goal RA that something you were diagnosed with there is just kind of milieu that non stereos and I'm diagnosed toward. Medically disabled for a Islam what does that what does that actually mean posttraumatic stress disorder so that means that on it is it is essentially the user experience something dramatic in your life frankly than a warm do you have a physical mental and physical reaction to that memory grant. Your PG ST can be exacerbated by anything such as high levels of stress. Depression. Com. And ask at a certain things that can triggered yup there's there's certain next series it can trigger a lot of a lot of times comments and it's brought on by a I'm just just bouts of depression. So did it hit you pretty heavy as soon as she got backer was there a little bit of a lull like is there a honeymoon phase when he attacks from more economic happy you know it's. It's one of those things that happens immediately. Right Tom what happens is. You habits it's scar you prairie view a scar that you can't see calm mind. You know mine pretty all started in know in June 2005 wells first hit by our AD now and the memory of that Dave. Bothered me and pretty much every single day for a member of my career but I a I buried it sure you know people trying to kill me exactly zero times I can't imagine Ryan and if so then you know and then you have this com. This thing where you're always on edge because you lived a pro mark are good do Donnelly I would do my in my entire young adult life. In war or surrounded by death always on your steals the so you know you view. Do you you mix that all together in that they're feeling just doesn't go away it's ingrained in Munich some batted and you and you just don't Politico. But I think. You know some people deal with it differently I'm able to. I wasn't well now I'm able to manage it better than I do read for initially manage it negatively with the use your typical drinking up. Too much probably eating too much action elements I did all of those things treat about election race rate. You know there's a there's a lot of truth to eating your feelings yeah Tom and then you know would do what happens is seen us you know you you have this. But then you also have this on separation. Anxiety in this depression from. From leaving the service especially if you're not ready for a cure palm I think as you were kind of in a group of people you have a group of he wins very come lot of camaraderie you have a community knew when you have. On means to keep you occupied now. Men into when you when you get out they go the way it can be rather abrupt. Some people. You know though they've. Lance. Two you know and their time in service and they they have little playing game now but there's still. Still things that bother them and there's guys who it abruptly ends. And now they're just thrown into a different. Society than they're used to. So elect can make everything ten times worse in you started positively manager Pete yesterday in a depression with physical fitness ram as any Vasily. So I'm always been. Tension and financier was my that was kind of mighty my reputation when I was in the military. I was always my reputation but it became a reputation. My second deployment I really fell in love with it yeah so that was due we're living you know in amongst the people within their own communities. Then we will wait benches and stuff senate at the houses and understand and they're called joint security stations in. And I got really into exercising so essentially look at your prison pretty much toe. That I loved and that's kind of how I use I ended my day and I began my day with physical fitness anonymity were physically when he came back it up now and then why it's you know injured my back. And then I've found myself. Not exercising is much anymore chair now my mind is. Is taking over they came back a little meant so surfaced so that and when I got out. You know I I was struggling to find words that was called throws typical. Things happen when your change of life you think a lot of veterans struggle with that same thing when they get back I knew I was fortunate I do com. CAD in and day out then in my work. I see a lodges just talking to other service mansion members and I've met through. You know social media or guys that I served less I think there's a big similarity in all of us when we get out. There's a big gap and and how to take those skills that she required in the military and then. And apply them into into regular everyday society sure. You were sergeant or lieutenant whether Harry can apply that to be. Loading pallets at her office door way to be receptionist at her greeting people at Wal-Mart. Right and you know I don't think me personally I'm not going to be a very good Wal-Mart greater now you're not you know. I'm probably gonna tell you Arab and get out foreign staff to grass so I don't think a piano that bill mandating now. Omelets so I spent to better part of the first three years and a com. Incredibly depressed just. And and just anxious and always waiting for the worst happened and you know reef re playing things that's happened in my pad and then. You know I would do reach out to other fashion organizations but I do really didn't find a whole lot of support Terry because measure next. Because yes we all served in the military about our experiences differ. You know there's all those guys that. You know the older than I am but the deed they were in during peacetime. You know. So it was a chef for a client don't have an error gunshot was when they had their ear plugs and you know it and ran it did and actually. Hey nobody was in kombat right guys right. The dog tired of the picture they think there's a bit of pressure comes from missing match. Big lead not having that anymore yes Ty Law Deng then in that situation still community events and news in. It's a B you know you find your yield bond that's that's. That's forged rule sacrifice as forged through. You know a common a common ground that you know at any moment we are ready to take the call rent you know so. If you're a strong as your weakest link in and you your team in your unit. Yeah Roderick rent you know. Where did you woody Judy Dean what did you find your strength. Natalie with the physical fitness that they sent what was what else was keeping you billing and lift you up and bringing a lot of the depression and helping you kind of manage. Your mental illness they're going through what was it there was a couple factors there. Somebody said something to me. Then they said you know. Just because your military services over doesn't mean your life is over. So those one thing that dim. It struck a chord chair. And then of course my of my family. You know my family has your wife has been a constant throughout your entire service right good and bad you know she is so we met in high school she tolerated me then you know. She tolerated me nearly hit the it's tough some announcements today so yes she was always an issue I mean she was is she was she's seen in the very worst and a main engines you know see me in my past. And I think that's rare in today's society ever ones a lot of relationships or throw away relationships they can stand it wanna deal with tennis is too much during your hands up lea it's easy. Which probably makes it worse for both people bring somebody in your situation being vulnerable or another veteran being vulnerable. Another wife has left them now to deal with that as well yes so that deed this things it is the religious compound on you. Did you reach out and ask for help to somebody has meant candidate and then Evan issue of dealing with an asking for help PG don't you oil and you weakness on their forget that Tyrus. I was working in the funeral business of the times them. Refers to allows for their front or some harming an apprentice. I'm getting paid like Gayle ten bucks an article titled dead people learn on the Gelman listen in a positive place for veterans who. It's terrible it's terrible idea putting you know my I was using my immune gummery GI bill and here is helping me put food on the table at the time you know because we were dummy we're to report and I can remember. Father and son who passed away. And talkback be you know a visited. Who rooted in experience do you. And I remembered I didn't want to take part. And then in the preparation of the care of these two individuals. The hands of PT EST kind of bringing that act on the evidence mobilize and loses really bad Mexico. And never read didn't wanna work in an in house game like economic force to go do it you know is being talked down to. By people dead. Didn't have as much life experiences I did it didn't understand my position or where I was coming from but I can memorize discuss so enraged and that's part of it you know you you have this you're quick to get angry. And I remember ice storm now and I just laughed and went to. How into the game you know walked up to the metal mental clinic. And I said. Somebody help me right now. Can you talk to somebody right now. And today and yet. That's great it was and it was there to tell it was immediate it was immediately premier roommate to give me caseworker right away in and then they sent me to. Another clinic which who have lieu of more extensive such Cheshire cat and liked him and entertainment. Was a part of Somalia pride as a man. And don't ask for help because that's what a lot of men deal with yeah a lot and I was in a list I was embarrassed to tell people were I went I was embarrassed to tell people where I was going. Com you know I told a few people there were close to me is supported mean you know. But I still and then I started going he ran a regular basis and I would hide it. I hated for people. And I had the time I had a group of friends that were like. You know there is there so called quote unquote bikers you know just flushed a whole lot of Sons of Anarchy where he. But what she's right in hey I remember when I mentioned to them. That I was seeing somebody they mocks me. Really know behind my back. Thinking that I would know about it they you know they would tell my family members that hole. You know he chose abusers who chose this life you know he needs excuse to grow laughter continues to get over it when these you know and it's like you know man. He's ventured tireless pretending to be a tough guy and now I had to be a tough guy who's a big difference there. So. And those desert the ones who need maybe even more often you do have to sit there and a denial situation when I mocking some latest getting help and reaching out for help re. And the fact you're able to rise above that and be stronger and it's a big testament do you as a as a human being as a man as it is it is person so I think she. I think people who judge others for reaching out to get help. For people who say things like. You know suicide is is for this for the selfish in week I think it just incredibly. Funny educated. On mental health issues in this country. Com you say it was as the source do you and frightening speed losing some friends on FaceBook this week is an Afghan there's there's been you know woo loans this this past week has been some. From its high profile suicide yes high profile suicides and people you know would say things like it's for power there this unwrapped. And that's mighty brave new view to say on a keyboard. Sure why did she say that today grieving spouse when she say that today grieving brother that sister that's on that daughter. You know our take cowards are they weak today deserves those comments no there there there are a complete state of denial and in and does understand and know what is going out there with the pain and great friends of native and so. So you know let's have consideration for the people that as a loss alone to suicide first and foremost they're still living. It's a badger them and to into makes the ridiculous comments. Com Tuesday who those people are enablers. And they are the number one reason why we still have mental health health issues in this country I am I agree with you under percent annual when he can break that statements by having conversations like this right. And I would challenge anyone of them anybody to sit down. Face to face with me and say that my brother was a power my brother was a week you luster brother's suicide is absolutely. I think when you say that Dan I don't think you saying it is a confrontational thing is to wanted to fight them I think you saying is it placed at. Let's have a conversation and I don't explain me why I know how I will educate you ya. And analyzed it you it's it's no different in this if you have a headache yeah. You take time now to Tylenol feature set and a headache with Tom you go have surgery. Must say interior hamstring or break a rib. Right and he's taken prescription medicine to mask that pain and you want to paint and correct yeah. Suicide is the ultimate pain under them. You'll never feel pain again and that's and that's that you know I've and on the other side of the spectrum where I was sitting. In my kitchen for. Ready to swallow every tool that I had at that time and do you know bottles out nasty or whatever yeah and you know. Pat down moment I just want of that pain in my in my heart and in my head to go away. You know com. I'm fortunate to be here unlucky enough to be here and losing someone to suicide taught me very valuable lesson. Yeah my pain goes away but if I would have done that my children what to carry that pain my name my wife would have carried a pain my friends. My family you know so. So IE I challenge anyone I say you know if you make these comments when she sit down with somebody who's lost some of the society or someone who's corrupt places senator wanna choose. Why don't you seek to understand them instead of making comments. Yes Canada is completely disrespectful and belittling him today. The other thing I noticed is people saying. You know to celebrities. Lose their lives to suicide but 22 veterans die everyday in noted that time and I don't think it's about. Let's and that is about marginalizing is saying one is more important and the other I think it's it's a general. There's a suicide problem it's on the rise absolutely you don't say. Com if you don't say that how you know hundred veterans get lung cancer. Every single day but though one person to slung tense he'll let. You know again you're comparing apples and art is as ridiculous that calm I was tag and some of those whom are veterans so they assume that I should just jump all over that. But I don't know. Suicide his suicide it doesn't matter who does it does suggest how to discriminate is mental illness indiscriminate age and discriminate how much money make. That's really what you do for a living he can be traveling the world cooking for people he can be a bad it cleans up. New race anytime you're dealing with something that causes death that death is fair that happens everybody. So on two to sit there and try to put our class behind it is ridiculous your. Rather rated it doesn't matter what you did in your life times there's that there's veterans commit suicide to have nothing to do is Pete yesterday. Your you know they're they're maybe there's a measure that was in for a couple of years and really do much you know whatever tennis experience when I went to school this amounts to now has license Campbell's. That's not because he was a veteran. You know so we listen to classify things bombs suicide a suicide and affects every all walks of life then let's not devalue just because this person. You know was well known. Was that devalue what has happened Hammond and let's not. You know hurt his family right. The Sunday night the first right 120 some people die every day from suicides and ray you know nobody's in know what he's glorifying it in nobody's problem. Trying to make it heated you know a sad or anything like that it's just. Com it's a serious mental illness and it's time that people. Pay as much attention to that. As cancer her as kidney disease series rocky days or all of sudden melanoma whatever you know this. There's always some new news walk out there for something and you know so. I mean this is just as important and we shouldn't because these people have either commit its innovative committed suicide or to decrees suicide towards a week right there hurt. Tightened so let's help them. Dan thanks for coming on bet they'll probably your service for our country. Think if we do as a friend waited for the community which is twenty fitness then of course find you and I'm a twenty fitness correct that's what if it's kind of commission now which is a great mission. Where you helping us veterans and helping them with some gym memberships and getting them out of the swing of going to the bar and getting them into the gym and lifting cars instead of going to the bar which is a great. The great slogan. I commend you for doing that and I'm glad that I'm a part of it thanks for coming on today I personally think if you haven't candid discussion about mental yeah. I've contended be straightforward so. Sarazen pills that I post this like when it's a type a thing. Thanks to Danica and I wanna be clear if we do you make mention suicide or even talk about and I'd do it again the number 1802738255. Or you can text. Connects helped. Hello any of those words to 741741. It's not worth spending your life there's always help there's always somebody listening. Next on mental health Monday we talked to a guy that then training with that he whacked Wisconsin athletic club in Greenfield for the past probably year and a half. Joseph to lots now. A trainer father former army former crisis management. Woolworth county sheriff's department. The guy's done lots and like many veterans he's come back with some posttraumatic stress disorder. And some other issues any deals within a day to day basis we talked to him about his struggle for mental Monday Iowa thanks for coming in my mental health Monday segment. For the such a youth is youth. Specifically delta and dealt with comments off personally. And both with other people so what is your history with that it. Ten. Throw myself out there. Anxiety and depression obsessive compulsive or you diagnosed at this are you self diagnosed as a sneak onto psychologist. I just certain double hit the brutal the process with that because of last year. Had some moments that. I you don't realize how much he gets to you but it does. Some I think a lot of people have come at them they don't really realize is that different forms of PT EST it is you know I've been in. The military and law enforcement. Mine actually dates back to when I was younger and a lot of analysts. From sexual assault. For you daft so how. How were you and I happen. Played much younger like teenage preteen. Single business what I'm noticing a lot of people have issues with mental illness and all that this stems back to something from when they were much younger if there's something dramatic like that or maybe they were treated awfully high school they were bullied in high school or something like that doesn't like me I had like a bunch of friends turning against me in high school. So I think some of my anxiety in my depression came from. The abandonment of friends and I was in high school. And I talked about that a little bit on the last podcast at so I think I don't stem from thing to have when you're much younger because it doesn't just happen overnight death what what is your biggest stroke that he thinks. Personally. How much you think it's UT TE ST do you think it's all kind of intertwined as one big thing. Hey I think all that's Canada and despair as the quality aren't the ball it's okay because all of its there and everything's variances. It's so tangled in your head that sometimes you don't realize how much tax you can't buy it. They say it's a little puzzled that you have and you put together you have all these pieces. And you may have some of that together. But rarely do you ever find everything you need all at once I think because of that you have proponents of your life and for me. Image issues because David knows me knows that I write something real working out depth a lot of that it was the fact is bigger when I was younger. And I don't know if this is why did it not for immediate reason why. To my teenage years like struggled so much weight as it is trying to create image which was less than desirable. Because of what happened via U. Faceted wanna be assaulted and we thought maybe if I look bigger professional look attractive and will be insulted. Essentially as yet you brain was working I mean I I don't know the sixth time that technology behind right as far as my mind. Maybe that's why it is now I'm the exact opposite I use that as a positive to help myself and people aren't. So how do you cope with it personally. When you feel anxious use and he's told me before you have nineteenth walked outside Manhattan and anxiety attack honey deal with that. The healthy whereas in the past are harder now and hope that they'll both yes it. When a when as a law enforcement Lotta times drinking scanned it ever leads to other good decisions right normally you can get to a point where. It if you drink you're like oh yes and they do this because well I would surge. Now it's it's working out and kind of put myself into their contingents of has been places than Suton is full control. Have control over life of comfort. And because of that. I can control of Natalie how strong am hard look. For some people to defend themselves. Buy it for me it gives you. Feeling useless because a couple of people that mean so innocent and kind of taken my negatives and used as. A positive ripple effect for other people. He is going through it and I think a lot of course prize winning. Men jumped up and I'm going through Malia and I can finally do and I am sure that other people. Did you find positive unit. That's all by knowing what's going on. Inside somebody everybody has an inner struggles in a phase like insight into GM. You screen your face off I mean you know we have a good time we laugh we joke in the gym but do everything is anything wrong with you audience I don't think I still a normal live. Nothing going on but you have your own struggles inside do you deal worth. Have you thought about going to a doctor or getting medication or anything like that is that something that's. On your horizon. Yeah to help you with thank you just went to a doctor did. We as a reason for me to tell other people there from there I can use to do this. And then you can manually Viacom is there quite difficult I'd rather help somebody else think it's always easier when your team doing things her exes. Applicant Mir and admitting to yourself like hey. The stand by your control now after my anxiety attacks this year I'm I had maybe one in the past ever ahead three this year and the you'll realize ConocoPhillips are having an anxiety attack feel for them and it has happened before I've never had them before what does it feel like. I can't really describe it as protected as one I've ever had one of those fans but a lot of it is everything but your growth. Kind of holding your breath underwater new. And thankfully I have been crisis intervention for years and possibly some announces two to help people what is in those methods. Rubin goes on which this. Those on the box offense where you inhale for four seconds you hold your breath for four seconds you XO four seconds. And you will protect. So that does is it lowers the heart rate is near panic attack. Your hurry elevates and I doing so it actually helps you to deal stressful or traumatic situations as they're offering them. You refer to Suzanne. Yeah now dead not so much recently. I'll probably completely outside there's times where. When I was younger I cut myself. Who will be better yes. Obviously the last year before I left law enforcement and headed back injury and with the Jim beam lab can my solace. At a point where. A loaded pistol set in my lap after drinking and just did it for three hours pride in this private lowest moment I had an Evans a deciding factor for me to combat to training. Did you get in that moment the did you reach out to. No no one's well. I can clean up those things. Told people that. The stuff was going on them and they believe that so there's anybody that's it was in this pianist then. Because it's so easy sale like hey you know this is going this way the press that you don't want to say. Hey this is gonna do it because automatically. People assume like case. This guy's got issues then you feel that it would be definitely give me maybe a positive folks in their life. You. And I guess the fear that you have is how it received yesterday. He's either. Purely in Iraq and get a look at me differently because I thought about taking my life have to. And that's where the stigma comes and people know that I'm going to be ashamed of myself people that judge me and to think I'm domino week. You know that there's that little statement saying that you can't talk about it we gotta be open about it and that's why I like being open about it and I think you feel about it. And I'm glad you're doing better and I hope he really are doing better. I am. Let places give me some curve balls yeah. ABC this is just I have in the sense does that one tonight the greatest reason to cry that is the how does a doctor that's on there and though the one thing that sticks in any myths and it knows that. This doctor and kind of looks at life from a different perspective to think he's been through Reid says they'll take the Sowers lemon. Stats like has given you and try to make something that resembles lemonade and I think that's absolutely true mean because players take about what that volley aren't. Yet he you have something that you can do something went that's all there now however. In going to be exactly what you wanted to do as far as we want to be but. You can make something off my. Them to somebody is struggle with anxiety and depression and suicide even thoughts. What would you say to somebody that's struggling with fast. And how they can move forward with and they can be more open with that kind of like you're being right now and I think the first thing. The three of yourself. It's not your fault. You can't hope what you're going through there's outside influences. But along with that as far as forgiving yourself. Also do something for yourself. Because. The first step is honestly looking yourself and Amir and just knowing that you have the stuff going on there's a way to get through it. We view ultimately have to find a way to. We've suffered a position where you can you can get help you're going to be better than. But first you have to forgive yourself a lot of times people blame themselves. And that's why they're in that position. So I think that in my first up in the NAFTA it's it's talking about it I have an open conversation and because that is making you care about like talk about them and him assuming your life that you want sting like you guys who coherent argument. Those are you locked away in any like one can hope that comes back right. No you you were tort. It's the same thing with yourself have a relationship itself you know. Just being honest. Being truthful find the realm in which state comfortable and then kind of find something to cleanse your mind now for me it's working out I mean control. For some people it's drawing her duke making music some people it's not having some people lets you know playing golf finding something that make you happy that he. Take your brain away from that and how to be more therapeutic I guess you could send them and always ask for help of these people that are willing to listen some. Joseph thanks for coming on absolutely anything for your service is willing even the army you've done a lot of good for the country as well for for us so thank you appreciate it thank you after coming on. Taking the meaning of the guest on mental health Monday could open flame. You guys again gel afterwards he wishes he would have given his contact information because of his background in crisis management so joy ask me to give out his email. It's to Alaska training T de LA TZKO. Training. At Gmail that town maybe you identified with his story may be when they reach out. He said feel free to there's always on the newest either with him myself in that national suicide prevention lifeline is 1802738255. We can text hello to 741741. Thanks again for tuning into mental health Monday next week we talked to somebody had a lot smarter than me. Doctor Bradley Freeman the chief clinical officer for Rogers behavioral health and I kind of walk Wisconsin. Breaks down the difference and the similarities between obsessive compulsive disorder. And anxiety disorders that's all next week on mental health Monday. Have a great week we'll talk to you soon make it like decisions all right.